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Chest Binders - Breast Binding - Top Binders

Binding: Creating a Male-Looking Chest - Before Testosterone

chest binders and breast binding

Female to Male Transgender Chest Compression Garment

Breast Binding and Chest Binding are terms used for techniques that flatten breasts to create a male chest contour. Ideal techniques should minimize, pain, discomfort, sweating, and irritation.

This garment is great for transsexuals wanting to flatten their breasts.

Move your cursor over the pictures below to see the effect of this chest shaping garment.

picture after breast binding picture after breast binders picture after chest binding picture after chest binders FtM crossdressing chest binder FtM transgender chest binder FtM transsexual chest binder FtM female to male chest binder FtM female-to-male chest binder
picture without breast binding picture without chest binding picture without chest binders picture without breast binders photo without chest compression FTM photo without chest compression transgender photo without chest compression transsexual photo without chest compression female to male  

A flatter chest can be an important part of a male contour and passing as a male. Techniques for hiding breasts can include:

  • Chest Binders or Top Binders
  • Slouching - can lead to bad posture and back problems.
  • Multiple layers of thick clothing - looks strange especially in hot weather.
  • Taping - irritates and tears tissue. Tape can permanently scar the skin.
  • Ace wraps - tend to slip and slide. Pressure is difficult to calibrate and can cause pain for the ribs and muscles and restrict breathing.

See pictures of breast binders for FTM contouring after Testosterone Therapy.

Chest surgery (Top Surgery) and FtM Chest Reconstruction liberates the chest from such binding techniques. Share experiences, ask questions, help others on our Female To Male Discussion Forum.

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