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Compression Body Shaper- No Surgery

We all would love a "quick fix, " but Plastic Surgery is not an alternative to losing weight. Losing weight can be difficult. Bouncing folds of tissue can be embarrassing especially during activities that can help burn calories. Many with contour problems from obesity, gynecomastia (male chest deformity), or folds of extra tissue after pregnancy or weight loss just do not like the way they look. View photographs from different angles of patient without and with their Body Shaper Compression:

Compression Body Shaping After Massive Weight Loss

Contour problems after massive weight loss Body Shaper Vest on Male with loose skin after massive weight loss uncomfortable with sagging tissue while trying to lose more weight.
No surgery body shaping garment undergarment

Compression Body Shaping During Weight Loss

Belly and chest contour problems After body shaping compression vest contour clothing non-surgical This patient preferred this Body Shaping Compression Black Vest for his during weight loss contouring.

Compression Body Shaping and Obesity

Obesity deformity No surgery body shaping compression wear Obesity Body Shaping can stabilize and contour folds of tissues.

Compression Body Shaping -
Gynecomastia / Puffy Nipples

Puffy nipple gynecomastia contour problem Body shaping compression undergarment without surgery Puffy Nipple Gynecomastia Body Shaping can help with contour problems without surgery.

Compression Body Shaping -
Bodybuilder Gyno / Gynecomastia

Tank Top Compression Underwear for Bodybuilder with Gynecomastia Tank Top Compression Underwear for Bodybuilder with Gyno Tank Top Compression Underwear can contour the Gyno (Gynecomastia) of a bodybuilder-body shaping with no surgery.

Compression Body Shaping -
Endocrine Gynecomastia Issues

Body Shaper Garment for Endocrinology Therapy Body Shaper Garment for Endocrine Treatment Body Shaper Garments offer contouring during Endocrine Treatment

Breast Binders Body Shaping -
Transgender Female to Male (FTM)

Body Shaper Garment for Transsexual Chest Contouring Body Shaper Garment for Transgender Breast Binding Body Shaper Garments offer Chest Binding for Transsexuals wanting a more male look for their chest.

Chest Binders Body Shaping -
Transsexual Female to Male (FTM)

Body Shaper Garment for Transsexual FTM Body Shaper Garment for Female to Male Transgender Body Shaper Garments offer Breast Binding for Transgender Female to Male Chest Contouring

A Temporizing Measure, But Does Body Shaping Compression Help After The Garment Comes Off?

Compression garments can help with scars. Scars that evolve under pressure do much better than scars without pressure. Whether compression garments help shrink loose skin, cannot be easily studied. It may or it may not. When the garments come off, the contour problem remains. The emotional stress reducing component is amazing. When a patient tries one of these on, many just do not want to take them off.

Compression Body Shaping Garments

Compression contour clothing was designed to minimize pain, swelling, and bruising after surgery. Second Stage Compression garments help minimize scars and long term swelling. Dr. Bermant has found these Second Stage Garments helpful to contour the body without surgery. Body Shaping Garments stabilize tissue, minimize bouncing and can increase confidence, permitting social activities making life easier for those with contour issues. Long discussed in online forums among those suffering with contour problems, compression garment can really make a difference. However, there has not been a series of before / after clinical quality pictures and movies showing just how effective this compression can be.

Learn more about Male Body Shaping Garments. Explore details of No Surgery Body Shaping for Women.

These compression garments work very well on land. In water, light wetsuits are another option. You will need to be careful not to overheat out of the water.

Body Shaper Garments and compression clothing to contour the body with no surgery

Male Breast Reduction

Body Shaper Garments and compression clothing to contour the body without surgery