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Bermant Plastic and Cosmetic SurgeryMale liposuction pages 7/17/99


Bermant Plastic and Cosmetic SurgeryStandard photographic views abdominoplasty 7/11/99

Bermant Plastic and Cosmetic SurgeryInsurance issues breast reduction 6/8/99

Bermant Plastic and Cosmetic SurgeryAbdominoplasty in 23 year old black female 6/7/99


Otoplasty (prominent and deformed ears) 5/13/99


Breast Reduction 4/24/99

Mini tummy tuck - limited abdominoplasty 4/10/99

Tumescent Liposuction frequently asked questions 3/13/99

Brow Eyelids Face and Neck- the aging face of Paul Revere 2/14/99

Bulletin board Breast reduction in men part2 2/5/99


Dog Bite Injuries Reconstructive Surgery bulletin boards 2/4/99


Bulletin boards 1/25/99

Liposuction pages 1/21/99

Abdominoplasty as a treatment for stretch marks 1/17/99


Patient photographs before and after abdominoplasty surgery 1/16/99


The Aging Face

Surgical Details 12/23/98


Facelift and blepharoplasty patient before and after photographs

Suction Lipectomy Patient Pictures Part 2 12/18/98

Liposuction patient photographs 12/6/98

Abdominoplasty patient photographs added 11/30/98


Gynecomastia - male breast enlargement patient questions and answers 11/26/98

Gynecomastia - Breast Reduction in Men 11/23/98


Liposuction Tumescent Technique 11/21/98

Questions and Dr. Bermant's Answers


Artificial hand, finger, nose, ear and face protheses, prosthesis, prosthetic, information and PlasticWeb links 11/15/98


Learn about Board Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc. 11/15/98

Many new awards and praise for this site 10/13/98

Rhinoplasty Your nasal consultation with Dr. Bermant


Eyelid cosmetic surgery patient questions and answers:


(tummy tuck) questions and answers 10/1/98


Learn more about rhinoplasty and see some patients who have had this surgery.

  • part 1a Rhinoplasty photographic views 8/26/98


Search Barnes and Noble for plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery 8/14/98

Barnes and Noble book store lists on:


Hot MedSite Award! 8/12/98

Visit Barnes and Noble - For Books on Breast Surgery 8/11/98

Search Barnes and Noble for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery


Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) nasal site map 7/27/98

Critical Mass award 7/25/98

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) abdominal sculpture 7/19/98

Browlift the surgery 7/14/98

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) questions and answers 7/9/98


OzAward 7/3/98

Surfer's Choice "Best of the Web" Site award 7/3/98

Elite site award 6/29/98

Earlobe reconstruction 6/17/98

Breast ptosis mastopexy 6/14/98


Awards added 6/1/98

  • Syop's Silver Award

  • The SNIN Web Friendly Award.

Rhinoplasty surgical sculpture of the nose 5/30/98

Rhinoplasty surgical sculpture of the nose 5/30/98

  • part 5 Rhinoplasty - Keeping the Black nose ethnic
  • part 6 Surgical details - Rhinoplasty - Keeping the Black nose ethnic
  • part 7 Surgical details - Rasping the nasal dorsum (with graphic movie)
  • part 8 Surgical details - Moving the nasal bones (with graphic movie)

Nasal reconstruction / rhinoplasty of Sphinx 5/25/98

Liposuction the Surgery 5/18/98

Bulletin boards expanded 5/17/98

Facelift neck lift & brow lift surgery (rhytidectomy) 4/4/98


Facelift / Neck lift (rhytidectomy) patient questions and answers


Mustarde cheek flap reconstructive surgery for basal cell carcinoma of the lower eyelid.

The features of the aging face 4/2/98

Bulletin boards 3/29/98

Rhinoplasty the Surgery part 1 3/22/98

A Glorified Face (restoring an image of a child for the family) 3/7/98

Eyelid reconstruction after camel bite 2/22/98

Bulletin board updates 1/26/98

Breast Ptosis Surgery Mastopexy short scar methods 1/17/98

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 1/15/98

Multiple pages revised during December 1997 and January 1998

Multimedia Lectures page added 12/23/97

Restructured website November and December 1997

Facially different on the Web 11/19/97

Scar & Skin Care on the Web 11/11/97

Added Breast Ptosis (drooping breast) 11/9/97

Added Tour of the Nasal Deformity in Art 11/2-6/97

Award from Nedsite We granted our 'Best Of The Net Award' to no more than 200 sites on the Web. 11/2/87

Updated patient bulletin boards 10/30/97

More nasal fractures 10/28/97

Updated patient bulletin boards 10/28/97

More Bermant art 10/30/97

Facial lacerations from dog bites 9/28/97

Torn earlobe reconstruction cases 9/28/97

Updated multiple patient bulletin boards 9/19-28/97

Fixed navigation and table centering for some browsers 9/6/97

Continued revision of images 9/5-19/97

Condensed images for faster download. 8/21-9/5/97

Lip reconstruction after dog bites 8/21/97

Rhinoplasty more patients added 8/12/97

Eyelid Cancer and Reconstruction 8/11/97 (site reaches over 140 pages)

Site of week from Plastic surgery Network 8/10/97

Richmond Sites of Interest on the Web 8/9/97

After pregnancy - what plastic surgery can offer 7/15/97

Added patient bulletin boards: 7/7/97

Updated other patient bulletin boards 7/7/97

Kids drawings added eyelid - brow laceration from diving drawing 7/3/97

Learn about our hospitals 4/16/97

Ptosis of the eyelid (drooping of the upper eyelid) 4/12/97

Kid's bicycle helmet drawing added 4/9/97

Nasal reconstruction for basal cell cancer with nasolabial flap,
Nasal reconstruction for recurrent malignant melanoma with full thickness skin graft. 4/5/97

Nasal reconstruction for basal cell cancer with bilobed flap. 4/4/97

Added drawing of wrecked car to Kids drawings and before / after photograph. Added Beauty on the Web (sites of interest to my cosmetic patients). 4/3/97

Nasal fractures patient education 3/30/97

Patient bulletin boards 3/29/97

Patient bulletin boards 3/29/97

Ptosis of upper eyelid (drooping eyelid) 3/28/97

Bulletin Boards 3/9/97

Added Sun Protective Clothing Bulletin Board, Eyelid Reconstruction, Blepharoplasty 3/9/97

Added Liposuction Bulletin Board
Revised Rhinoplasty, Nasal Obstruction, Blepharoplasty, Scar Bulletin Boards 2/23/97

The Art of Dr. Bermant 2/11/97

Rhinophyma - More Rhinoplasty Cases - Rhinoplasty 2/9/97

American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery selected web sites 2/7/97

Mastopexy - Breast Lift - Breast Ptosis Bulletin Board 2/3/97

Rhinophyma - More Rhinoplasty Cases 1/30/97

Scars Patient Bulletin Board 1/28/97

Nasal Reconstruction, Basal Cell Cancer, Sun Protection 1/26/97

Plastic Surgery Web modules loaded 1/26/97

Sled injury prevention brochure 1/21/97

Added case photographs snowblower injury prevention 1/18/97

Rhinoplasty 1/15/97

Rhinoplasty patient viewpoint 1/14/97

Torn Ear Lobe Reconstruction 1/8/97

Vein Sclerosing 1/7/97

Facelift patient viewpoint, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome 1/6/97

Fixed display for AOL viewers. Added Injury prevention for snowblower and dog bites 12/31/96

Added Patient viewpoint bulletin board main menu 12/25/96

Date site uploaded 12/22/96



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