Bermant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Collection of Young Plastic Surgery Patient Drawings

This section shows drawings done by my patients at home and brought to my office. I present them here as a demonstration of how plastic surgery is seen through their eyes. The walls of drawings in my office seems to have made them more comfortable and inspired more drawings.

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Bermant plastic surgery, knee kid drawing

This young patient fell off of a minibike taking a hole out of his knee. He wanted to tell others how important it was to wear a safety helmet. Riding a minibike itself has its own dangers.

Minibikes may not need a driver's license in many states, but have the same potential for damage as motorcycles. Unprotected tissue can be badly injured.

This injury left a hole large enough that a simple repair was not possible and tissue was needed to be moved to close the defect. The moved tissue is called a flap one of the key tools for plastic surgery.


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