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how to choose your plastic surgeonChoosing your plastic surgeon is a very important and personal decision.

There are several factors to consider when looking for a plastic surgeon. Here you'll find a list of essential qualities you should look for when choosing a doctor.

Board Certification

Board Certification Is he/she Board Certified? Plastic Surgeon or a "Plastic Surgeon"

Dr. Bermant has seen many complications of doctors calling themselves "plastic surgeons" who had little or no formal training in Plastic Surgery.

Anyone can call themselves a "plastic surgeon." What is the doctor's background? Is the doctor Board Certified in Plastic Surgery or is he/she a General Surgeon, Dentist, Dermatologist, or Ears Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon. Any doctor may be trained in doing some aspects of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery. Board Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery takes years of education, broad training, and careful testing of skills. This is a real board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

Not all so-called "boards" are so recognized or as difficult to obtain. Several "Cosmetic Boards" take much less training, education, and skill but permit some to claim that "Board Certified" title. Check for yourself the criteria it takes to become Board Certified By the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Be careful of just what your doctor claims to expertise. Dr. Bermant is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Check if your Doctor Board Certified

Is your local doctor even a physician as recognized by your country? Some countries around the world permit poorly trained and untrained doctors to set up an office.


Does your Plastic Surgeon belong to organizations?

What organization(s) does your doctor belong to and what are the requirements to belong. Many are just clubs or groups that have limited requirements to become members. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ASAPS have rigorous standards with training requirements and enforcing ethical practices. Dr. Bermant is a life member of both of these societies and others. Use our resource International Plastic Surgery Societies for help finding surgeons from other countries. Many surgeons from around the world choose to join the US societies too.

Training & Experience

Training and Expertise How many of these surgeries has he/she done?

It can be daunting looking at diploma and trying to interpret their meaning. How good was that school at the time of the surgeon's studies is not something easy to quantify. Not all schools are the same. Residency training, what type, was it completed? How hands on was the training. For some, residents do little hands on surgery, and mostly watch. There can also be diplomas from short term courses, but just how much is learned from that limited experience? There are many paths that can lead to the education of a Plastic Surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If the doctor does not have their boards, was the educational component a factor?

When looking at a surgeon's experiences, learn How To Evaluate Before and After Pictures. It is not just numbers of cases and quantity, but also quality. What did the problem look like before, what does the result look like from different directions, how does the tissue move, and what path of bruising and discomfort did that patient take to get there? How many operations did each take to get there? Artists, Sculptors, each have their own skills. You cannot look at one web site and assume another surgeon has the same skill, uses the same method, or that the recovery will be the same.

Dr. Bermant has years of experience, having chosen plastic surgery as his field of endeavor early in medical school. In 1975 he began participating in plastic surgical procedures. His general surgery residency had an intense exposure to plastic surgery. He did a Plastic Surgery Residency and additional Microsurgery training. He spent time in China broadening his exposure and sharing his surgical technology.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Is the doctor current on the latest surgical techniques? Training after residencies should never stop. Better Plastic Surgery Societies like the ASPS and ASAPS mandate minimum CME hours each year. But how many hours above and beyond does a specific doctor go? Up until his retirement he went well beyond the required hours of continuing educational credit. Dr. Bermant attended multiple courses around the country to keep current in the latest plastic surgery techniques and subscribed to numerous journals in the field. Dr. Bermant was among the pioneers using the Internet to bring plastic surgeons together to share their expertise and help each other with problem solving.

Sculpture Galleries

Surgical Sculpture by Plastic Surgeons

Can you see the results obtained by previous patients? Unfortunately, not all surgeons achieve the same results. You need to investigate the skills of the specific surgeon. Dr. Bermant has explored many media as an artist, and he views his surgical sculpting as the highest form of his art. This encyclopedic web site is an example of Dr. Bermant's broad artistic skills as a sculptor. When you do look at previous patients, be sure to ask for multiple views in order to see the surgeon's work from different angles. To learn more about this issue check How to Use Before and After Surgery Pictures and Movies to understand the caliber of a surgeon's results.

Hospital Credentials

Plastic Surgeons Credentials

Is he/she credentialed to perform Plastic Surgery in local hospitals?

Until retirement, Dr. Bermant was accredited to perform plastic surgery at many of the hospitals in the Richmond area.

Operating Room Accreditation

Plastic Surgery Facility Accreditation

Is the operating room certified?
The Bermant Plastic Surgery Surgery Center was accredited by the AAAASF.

Patient Education

Dr. Bermant Plastic SurgeonPlastic Surgery Patient Education

How much will you learn at the doctor's office?
Dr. Bermant feels that patient education is important. He personally guided their learning experience in his office, focusing on specific needs and options using computer imaging and extensive printed materials he designed. The Internet changed everything. He put an extraordinary educational experience for his patients to understand the problem, results, and path between. As his practice evolved with further specialization, some of these sections began to dwarf other resources available. The learning experience shifted to the Internet with the in office discussion and examination one of confirmation and reinforcement. Repetition is so important in the learning process. Patients could spend a phenomenal amount of time becoming acquainted with his methods, results, and learning about their problems with the educational tools he built in the Encyclopedia.


Become Comfortable Can you be comfortable with this doctor?

There are hundreds of pages on this site about Dr. Bermant's work, philosophy and attention to detail. Browse around. Many patients have told us this site was a comforting introduction to their education, surgery, and care at Bermant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. Look beyond advertising hype, what is this doctor really like?

How to Pick Specialist with a Passion.

Passion for a Specific Procedure.

Finding a surgeon who can demonstrate specialization skills can be different for each type of surgery. Finding proof of the passion is much better than just a statement. Here are some of our guides in what to look for.

Join us, contribute to this discussion, ask questions. How to Pick Your Plastic Surgeon Forum.