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Breast Ptosis Surgery for drooping and sagging breasts

Breast Ptosis (Drooping Breast) and Mastopexy Surgery (Resuspending Breast)

Explore breast resuspension surgery (mastopexy) for breast ptosis (drooping breast) by Dr. Michael Bermant, MD.

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Mastopexy breast ptosis surgery can help with sagging breasts that droop

Breast Ptosis and Sagging With Aging
Age and gravity stretch the skin and ligaments resulting in breast ptosis.

Breast ptosis (drooping breasts) can result from a loosening of the skin and suspensory ligaments. Gravity and weight of breasts take their toll over time. Ptosis can also come from a reduction in the volume of breast tissue. This can occur after pregnancy and after weight loss.

Breast Ptosis and Drooping With Pregnancy
During pregnancy the breasts enlarge as the body prepares to produce milk for the child. After pregnancy the glands return to their pre-pregnancy condition. The skin and loose ligaments cannot always return to their normal proportions. Failure may be due to the breast size increase, tearing of the collagen holding the skin together (stria or stretch marks), or other factors.

Breasts can droop or sag after breast feeding, breast lift mastopexy can help
Sagging and drooping breasts just do not look good, mastopexy breast ptosis surgery can help

Breast Ptosis and Hanging Tissues After Massive Weight Loss
Fat is a component of the breast. Obesity and excessive fat often include the breasts extending under the arms and into the back. After massive weight loss, suspension tissues and skin sometimes only shrink so much leaving deflated flattened breasts that hang low (ptosis).

Heredity and genes may be factors that can result in teenager breast ptosis or drooping.

Ptosis and Sagging that results in breasts losing their firm uplifted contours can affect a woman's confidence and self-image.

Breast Lift Mastopexy Surgery for Ptosis is a family of operations that resuspend the breast to a more natural position on the chest restoring a more "perky" youthful appearance. This surgery can restore the firmness and shape of your breasts. In general, breast lift mastopexy lifts breasts by resuspending the internal breast tissues and then removing excess skin and redraping the tissues over the internally supported tissues.

Breast ptosis or sagging can cause stress and personal concerns, breast lift mastopexy can help
Breast ptosis surgery or mastopexy breast lift can help with breasts that are flat and fallen

Breast Lift Surgery can help Breast Ptosis or Sagging when

  • Breasts sags or hang when not suspended with a bra
  • Breasts are proportional to the body (for the woman looking to lift and reduce her breasts, check Breast Reduction Sculpture)
  • Breasts have lost firmness and skin elastic tone
  • Breasts have a flattened elongated shape
  • The nipple hangs below the breast crease in unsupported breasts
  • When the nipple and areola point downward
  • When the skin is stretched and areola enlarged.
  • When breasts are the same size, but one hangs lower than the other
Let Dr. Bermant's Breast Lift Mastopexy Surgery be an introduction to your education about this surgery and his sculpture skills. Learn about Dr. Bermant's Minimal Bruising Tumescent Breast Lift. Explore the various pages and see photographs and movies of actual results before, during and after surgery. Read the bulletin boards to see other patient's questions and Dr. Bermant's answers. This is only a start to your learning experience since each patient has a unique anatomic problem that demands a personalized approach. Then continue your education in his office to see what plastic and cosmetic surgery has to offer you. Breast Lift Mastopexy Surgery for ptosis or drooping
Breast ptosis surgery (breast lift mastopexy) can help with breast sagging or drooping.

Best candidates for Breast Lift Mastopexy
The best candidates for breast lift mastopexy are healthy individuals who do not have a lift-threatening illness or medical conditions that can impair healing. If planning on weight loss, getting to you desired weight before surgery has significant advantages to losing weight after surgery. Future pregnancies can cause new sagging. Patients must be non-smokers, nicotine can interfere with the blood supply, healing, and tissue survival. Women considering breast lift should have a positive outlook and specific goals in mind for improving body image.

Mastopexy Breast Ptosis Surgery is an option for the sagging breastPlanning your surgery
You should come to the office prepared for an extensive consultation. Dr. Bermant will need to learn about your medical history, problems, surgery and current medications. We need to know about prior cosmetic and breast surgery. You will need to help us understand what bothers you. Breast Lift surgical sculpture needs to be individualized. Redundant skin and sagging breast tissues are a dynamic problem. Dr. Bermant needs to see how the skin drapes, what internal support remains, and examine your breasts. Dr. Bermant will then discuss what surgery has to offer. There are several different surgeries possible depending on the breast defect and the nature of your tissues. Dr. Bermant then recommends what method of surgical sculpting is best suited for your problem and then discusses the risks, benefits and alternate methods of care. Understanding the benefits and limitations of surgery helps with realistic expectations.

During this consultation we will also discuss the choice of anesthesia, location of surgery, and the costs involved. In most cases insurance policies do not cover the cost of breast lift mastopexy, but you should check your policy to be sure. Since Dr. Bermant sees patients from around the world, some prefer to start the process with his preliminary remote package to minimize travel to Richmond.

Breast Lift or Mastopexy Surgery for Ptosis or drooping.

Breast Lift Mastopexy
for Ptosis (Drooping)

Dr. Bermant's Tumescent Breast Lift Surgery

Male Mastopexy Breast Lift in Men

Mastopexy or breast lift and tightening for loose skin and drooping breasts (ptosis).


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