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Breast Reduction - Photographs of secondary reduction after another doctor's surgery.

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Secondary Breast Reduction Mammaplasty for Uneven Breasts and Further Size Reduction

40 year old female was unhappy with her prior breast reduction by another surgeon performed 4 years before seeing me. She felt her breasts were still too large, uneven, and did not like the contour. With her first reduction her first surgeon removed 393 grams from the left breast and 391 grams from the right breast.

This represents an early secondary surgery by Dr. Bermant done MANY years ago with techniques he no longer uses today for the same problem.

5 feet 1 inches tall and weighed 140 pounds and wore 36 DD bra

Location surgery: Hospital operating room

Anesthesia: General

Technique: Inferior Pedicle Long Anchor Scar based on prior surgical scar

Breast tissue removed:

  • 376 grams left breast
  • 284 grams right breast

Stay: Hospital based surgery discharged 2nd day after surgery (done many years ago and not normally needed with today's methods.)

Drains: One each side.

Uneven breasts after another surgeons breast reduciton. Photograph of Uneven Breasts after ANOTHER DOCTOR'S Breast Reduction
After secondary breast reduction mammaplasty. Repeat surgery can treat asymmetrical and unbalanced breasts Photograph 7 Weeks After Dr. Bermant's Breast Reduction Revision Surgery

Notice the uneven placement of the areola, asymmetry, and different sizes of the breasts after the first doctor's surgery.

Breast reduction surgery is best done in one stage. Dr. Bermant tries to best understand what approximate size his patients desire. Breast size is a personal issue. Letting us know what approximate size you desire helps us set a "goal." Actual size after surgery depends on many factors, and is not entirely predictable with all surgical sculpture. Blood supply and tissue concerns can limit reduction.

Dr. Bermant has posted this case to demonstrate breast surgery can be revised to:
  • further reduce them
  • even asymmetries
  • improve contours
  • revise scars

Secondary breast surgery can do many things. However, it is easier to remove than replace tissues. Reoperating on a breast can be difficult. Blood supply to tissues may be difficult to predict. Scars are difficult to shorten but may be revised. We are glad to see patients in consultation and evaluation for secondary surgery. Each case needs to be evaluated in person for individual advice. Dr. Bermant neesd to examine (see and feel) the tissues to better understand the problem.

To better understand your problem at the time of your consultation we suggest you bring:
  • prior operative report(s)
  • the doctor's office notes
  • photographs before prior surgery (if available)

Tissues after any surgery take some time for equilibration. In most cases waiting about 6 months is best for them to soften / evolve. In some problem cases the asymmetry is so bad that waiting just makes no sense.

If you are interested in exploring if secondary breast reduction is a good option for you, call our office to set up a consultation.

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