Bermant Otoplasty Plastic Surgery of the Ears

Rim of Helix Reduction during Otoplasty for Big Ears (Macrotia) - Photographs During Surgery

Otoplasty Cosmetic Surgery to Make Smaller Ears.

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Reduction of Helix (in this case part of a Macrotia Reduction)

Details of this ear reduction otoplasty start here.

As the ear is reduced with ear reduction otoplasty, elements further out have more that need to be reduced. A reduction of height from 7.4 or 7.7 cm to 6.5 cm, results in a great deal of excess helical rim. Since the scapha has yet to be reduced, the excess helix determination must wait until all elements have been reduced.

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Picture of helical rim reduction during otoplasty reduction of ear for macrotia

Picture of cartilage and skin reduction of the helix during this otoplasty for Macrotia.



The following material on this page is graphic in nature. Please skip if explicit surgical details bother you.

Photos During Helix Macrotia Ear Reduction Surgery

Picture of otoplasty ear reduction surgery measuring height. Photograph of measuring the ear after reduction.
Photograph of helix trim during otoplasty ear reduction surgery for macrotia or large ears Photo showing the redundant helical rim so far and how the skin / cartilage of the edge of the ear redrapes over the reduced structures.

Continue with surgical details of Macrotia Reduction

Photographs of Macrotia Surgery
macrotia big ear reduction otoplasty ear reduction otoplasty for macrotia otoplasty ear reduction for macrotia reduction otoplasty for macrotia or big ears otoplasty ear reduction for macrotia macrotia reduction concha repair and setback
Conchal Floor Reduction Conchal Post Wall Reduction Antihelix Reduction Scapha Reduction Helix Reduction Concha Repair and Setback

Continue with surgical details of Macrotia Reduction

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Macrotia Reduction

Otoplasty Ear Surgery

More plastic surgery ears for deformed ears
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