Bermant Otoplasty Plastic Surgery of the Ears

Scaphoid Ear Deformity

Plastic surgery to reduce deformed flattened large scapha ears.

Michael Bermant, MD
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Scaphoid Ear Deformity
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scaphoid ear deformity photographScaphoid Ear Deformity and otoplasty ear reduction plastic surgery photographs in a female patient.

The scaphoid ear deformity consists of a

  • large, extended flattened scapha
  • diminished helix fold at top of ear
  • disproportionately large upper third of ear
  • normal sized lower 2/3 ear
  • macrotia large ears.

scaphoid ear deformity flat helixPatient did not like her large flat ears that did not have a rim on top. Her Scaphoid Ears made her the subject of ridicule at work and at other times. She styled her hair to cover the problem but became distressed when the ears became uncovered with blowing wind, swimming, and other activities. She wanted the choice to expand her options with how she wore her hair.

From the edge of the ear, you can see the top helix rim is flattened and unfolded..


photograph scaphoid ear deformity photograph pinching scaphoid ear deformity

Photograph of how the upper third of the ear dominates this deformity.

Scaphoid ear deformity looks so much better when the upper third of the ear is reduced and the helix rim folded as in this photograph with the patient pinching her ear before her reduction otoplasty.

Options for surgery depend on the specific problem. Dr. Bermant prefers to individualize the surgical ear sculpture for each of his patients. For this particular deformity he reduced a crescent of scaphoid fossa, folded and reduced the helix rim.

Surgery Techniques For this Scaphoid Ear Otoplasty: reduction otoplasty for macrotia or big ears Scapha Reduction Otoplasty otoplasty ear reduction for macrotia Scapha Repair and creation of Rim of Ear

View photographs before and after Scaphoid Ears Macrotia Surgery

Macrotia Big Ear Reducing Otoplasty
Scaphoid Ear Deformity - Photographs Scaphoid Ear Deformity Defined Macrotia - Scaphoid Ears Scaphoid Ear Macrotia Before Scaphoid Ear Otoplasty Healing and recovery after reduction otoplasty for scaphoid ear bruising and swelling after scaphoid ear otoplasty
Scaphoid Ear Deformity Defined with Photographs Macrotia Scaphoid Ear Reduction Surgery Photographs Healing & Recovery, after Scaphoid Ear Otoplasty
Photographs before and after otoplasty surgery for scaphoid ear deformity

Macrotia Reduction

Otoplasty Ear Surgery

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