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Constricted Ear Otoplasty (cup or lop ear plastic surgery)

Ear surgery usually takes about 2 to 3 hours, complicated operations can take longer. Each anatomical problem requires its own solution. Hair does not need to be shaved for this operation.

This is a group of congenital ear deformities where the rim of the ear is tightened or constricted. It can appear in many degrees from mild to severe. The surgery needed depends on the deformity. There are many surgical options. Dr. Bermant will design the best sculpture for your specific deformity.

Constricted ear photograph deformity before surgery. Hooding of constricted ear deformity picture in operating room.
Photograph during surgery showing bent cartilage. Photo lifting the ear showing the rim deformity.

In this particular case, there is a folding or hooding of the helical rim. View other photographs of this patient before and after surgery here. Each case must be considered individually. The deformity is always unique requiring a creative surgical sculpture solution.

Caution Graphic Pictures During Lop Ear Otoplasty

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For this patient, Dr. Bermant chose a double banner flap where the folded cartilage rim was split and expanded to form the framework. View more before and after otoplasty surgery photographs of this patient.

Flap planning in operating room picture for constriction of ear (cup ear deformity). Flaps moved into place photo otoplasty treatment for cup ear deformity

Bent helix rim cartilage split and each flap expanded to a new position.

The cartilage is sewn together in this new position making a new frame for the skin to drape over.

Skin retracted in operating room picture for reconstruction of constricted lop ear. The skin was opened behind the ear exposing the bent cartilage.
Cartilage flaps moved into place photograph for otoplasty ear reconstruction.

The cartilage flaps have been sutured together making a larger frame for the skin.

Depending on how much expansion is needed, a piece of cartilage from the concha may be needed for support under this frame. This particular patient did not need the additional graft.

Repair in operating room photos of lop ear deformity.

Photograph of skin redraping over new framework

The skin redrapes over the newly shaped ear cartilage. You can see the tendency of the skin to resume its prior shape. The photograph on the right show me fitting the skin to the expanded contour.

Photograph cup ear deformity reconstruction in operating room.

Photo of adjusting skin to new contour.

On one side there was enough skin to close the wound behind the ear easily. On this side there was a gap that needed additional tissue.

Flap behind ear repair of cup ear otoplasty.

Surgical photo

The extra tissue was for the closure was taken from behind the ear. A flap was rotated filling the defect.

Bolster holding ear after constricted ear surgery.

Photograph during surgery

To keep the skin in place, a bolster dressing was sewn in place. Dr. Bermant removed this several days after surgery.

This will be protected by a formal ear dressing.


Constricted Lop or Cup Ear Deformity

Picture constricted or cup ear deformity before otoplasty. Picture constricted or cup ear deformity after otoplasty. Photograph of deformed constricted or cup ear before otoplasty. Photograph of deformed constricted or cup ear after otoplasty. Picture of surgery for constricted lop ear deformity. Picture of surgery for constricted deformed cup ear.
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