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Otoplasty and The Natural Look

What makes an ear look beautiful .

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The Beautiful Ear

When evaluating an ear for harmony, multiple views are important. A single perspective can hide deformities seen from other angles. Notice on the many cases on this site, each has many views. You can look at each ear from many different angles. The best results will look good from all directions. Images before and after surgery need the same lighting, angle of photography, and size for a reasonable comparison.

The beautiful ear has a natural look to it. Curves are graceful and gentle. The ear should not dominate the frontal profile as the image on the left.

before otoplasty ear surgery Before surgery photograph
after ear surgery otoplasty

Photo 6 days after surgery with more Natural Looking ears.

More about this patient

There should be a fine margin of the helical rim (back edge) visible from the front. The ear shape should compliment the shape of the head. Notice the difference of the ears after surgery in these cases.

Using otoplasty to bring out the beauty and natural ear shape Otoplasty pinback surgery with a natural ear shape

Before otoplasty photograph

Right Photo 6 days after ear surgery - a more Natural Look

More about this otoplasty

The projection of the different parts of the ear should blend nicely. A telephone ear deformity has the upper and lower parts of the ear further away from the scalp than the middle.

Otoplasty surgery can result in a natural ear shape and bring out the beauty of the ear after otoplasty there is a more natural ear shape

Before ear surgery. More about this otoplasty.

Right Photo 3 weeks after otoplasty surgery with ear not projecting unnaturally from head.

To bring the ear closer to the head, folds may need to be created or angles changed. The new folds and contours should be natural and pleasing to the eye. Review the many otoplasty patients on this site. Each demonstrates the attention to detail of Dr. Bermant's Ear Sculpture.

Before pinback surgery for constricted or lop ear deformity. After otoplasty for constricted ear deformity.

Before otoplasty photograph

Early results 8 days after surgery - a more Natural Curve

More about this otoplasty problem

The helix (rim of the ear) should have a gentle curve. Sharp folds just do not look natural. Even with these early results, you can see the improved more natural curves to the rim of the ear.

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Otoplasty Ear Surgery

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