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Revision Otoplasty for Complications of Cosmetic Ear Surgery Gone Bad - Repeat Sculpture of the Ears

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Revision otoplasty for deformity after ear surgery gone bad
Revision otoplasty ear plastic surgery
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Revise Otoplasty ear cosmetic surgery
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Revision otoplasty ear surgery can help with deformities after prior cosmetic ear surgeryOtoplasty Surgery is Not Simple
Understanding the beauty of the ear, deformities, and what should be done for otoplasty ear surgery is an art form. Surgical sculpture can take many forms and picking the right artist is very important to minimize the need for revision surgery. Repeat otoplasty surgery is often more complicated. Dr. Bermant designs his revision otoplasty from a pallet of surgical options limited by the reality of dealing with the complications of prior ear surgery. He sees patients from around the world who prefer his surgical sculpture skills.

Revision otoplasty can often improve deformities after ear surgery.
To help you explore your options for secondary otoplasty, Dr. Bermant prefers to understand what your ear was like before surgery, the technical details of the operation, and how you healed. Copies of your prior operative report(s), doctors' office notes, and before surgery pictures can be of great help at the time of your evaluation.

Repeat ear surgery can help with some complications of previous otoplasty.Realistic expectations are the key to success.
Cartilage can be fickle tissue that can bend over time. Otoplasty surgery is limited by this nature of surgery on the ear and needs approximate goals. Some try to overcorrect for ear deformity, asking for ears too close to the head. This can result in a very unnatural appearance. Dr. Bermant prefers the goal of a Natural Looking Ear.

Tissues need to heal before revision otoplasty.
Scars can take more than 6 months to soften before repeat ear surgery is possible. Altered anatomy and internal scars can make otoplasty to revise an ear difficult. Thickened skin or cartilage can be hard to improve. Replacing what was removed and unfolding what was over folded can also be a challenge.

Failure to Analyze the Ear Deformity
An otoplasty ear surgery can have many different elements to address the various components of the ear deformity. Over treating one aspect instead of a balanced correction, can result in a strange look.

Revision otoplasty plastic surgery and repeat cosmetic surgery of the earsContracted Antihelical Fold is a complication of excessive bending of the Antihelix. This complication can be seen when the fold is over bent to compensate for a projecting concha. The Contracted Antihelix can also result from a plan to bring the ears too close to the head and from the inexact healing nature of cartilage. Revision otoplasty can sometimes unbend the cartilage and correct the element(s) that were not adequately addressed. Here are before / after pictures of Dr. Bermant's technique for repeat otoplasty for over folded antihelix.

otoplasty ear cosmetic surgery to revise deformity complicationsMacrotia Ear Deformity
True ear enlargement is rare and cannot be corrected by bringing the ears closer to the head. Secondary reduction otoplasty can sometime address big ear issues.

Telephone Ear Deformity is an unbalanced ear where the top and bottom protrude. Revision otoplasty can often sculpt the elements in a better alignment.

Although some deformities have no reasonable surgical option, many can be helped with revision otoplasty.

We are glad to help you explore your concerns. Dr. Bermant evaluates patients from around the world. We try to make this process easier with a preliminary remote package. That way our patients can feel comfortable with us before traveling to Richmond. You will need to fill out forms, provide us information about your concerns and pictures. There is a fee for this preliminary evaluation.

Continue your exploration of repeat otoplasty in our Revision Otoplasty Forum, Secondary Ear Surgery Discussion Chat, and Revision Otoplasty Travel from UK.

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