ptosis and blepharophimosis Ptosis associated with Blepharophimosis

Ptosis is the drooping of the upper eyelid(s). Congenital eyelid problems may benefit from reconstructive surgery. Explore the eyelid for both reconstructive and cosmetic (blepharoplasty) surgery.

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Bermant Plastic Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
  Bermant Plastic Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Ptosis associated with Blepharophimosis

Blepharophimosis is name for a collection of birth deformities.

  • small eyelids that are short in vertical dimensions in some cases causing ectropion (lower eyelid too short to adequately cover the eye)
  • eyelids shorter from side to side
  • small opening for eyes to see through
  • eyes spread apart from each other (telecanthus) that can make the nose look like it is flattened
  • sagging of eyelids (ptosis)
  • arching of eyebrows
  • bones above eyes (supraorbital ridges) slightly flattened
  • epicanthal folds (a fold of extra tissue near the central corner of the eye opening)

Before surgery

blepharophimosis congenital eyelid ptosis

case from Dr. Y. Song
Ba Da Chu, China

The condition is usually inherited and the different elements show up to various degrees. Besides the unusual appearance, patients cannot easily see beyond their eyelids.


Before surgery

congenital eyelid ptosis or drooping from blepharophimosis
case from Dr. Y. Song
Ba Da Chu, China

This patient compensated for the upper eyelid ptosis by tilting her neck. The tilting let the eye see beyond the upper eyelid.


Before surgery

After surgery

canthoplasty for blepharophimosis eyelid ptosis

 cantoplasty for blepharophimosis congenital eyelid deformity
case from Dr. Y. Song Ba Da Chu, China

Surgical markings for a "jumping man flap" and levator (eyelid) muscle adjustment. Notice even with this early after surgery photograph that there is more room for the patient to see beyond her eyelids.

Surgery for blepharophimosis is frequently done in stages addressing the various problems. Timing is based on balancing the need for function and waiting until structures develop enough. This patient had her ptosis and the telecanthus / epicanthal folds addressed.

eyelid ptosis congenital blepharophimosis deformityeylid deformity cantoplasty for blepharophimosis

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