Ectropion - lower eyelid pulled away no longer protecting the eye (from aging skin and blepharoplasty correction)

The balance of tissues that help protect the eye can be upset with aging and cancers. See the surgical results of eyelid reconstruction of ectropion after basal cell carcinoma. Explore the eyelid for both reconstructive and cosmetic (blepharoplasty) surgery.

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Blepharoplasty (Cosmetic surgery of the eyes)

Ectropion (Drooping of the lower eyelid)

Recurrent ectropion after multiple cancer resections and then skin cancer excision with Mohs' chemosurgery and full thickness skin grafts.

Reconstruction of the lower eyelid

Facelift surgery (rhytidectomy)


Bermant Plastic Cosmetic Hand and Reconstructive Surgery

Bermant Plastic Hand Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery


Bermant Plastic Hand Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Ectropion - Drooping Lower Eyelid

The lower eyelid protects the eye. Age, excessive exposure to the sun, and gravity slowly relaxes the skin and structures that hold the eyelid in place. Scars can also pull the cheek and lid down. There are other mechanisms for ectropion.

The punctum is the drainage hole on each lid near the nose. As the punctum pulls away from its normal position against the globe, tears do not drain naturally into the nose. As protection for the eye breaks down, irritation, burning, itching, and discomfort develop.

Mild forms of ectropion can be treated with artificial tears and eyeglasses that protect the eye from the wind. There are many surgical procedures for worse forms of ectropion. Here are some cases where lesser treatments failed and the patients were referred to me.

basil cell cancer lower eyelid Ectropion Photograph
Basal Cell Cancer Lower eyelid

This patient had a blepharoplasty ectropion repair from another physician for lid laxity problems. There is now a basal cell cancer of the lower lid.

Dr. Bermant removed the tumor and reconstructed the lid sliding tissue in from the cheek. The lid needed more tissue. Dr. Bermant restored the lid position with a skin graft. After surgery her burning and tearing problems were corrected.

ectropion lower eyelid after skin cancer skin graft correction of ectropion lower eyelid plastic surgery

Left Photograph

Right Photograph
after skin graft


senile ectropion lower eyelid Ectropion
Right eyelid pulled away
blepharoplasty correction lower eyelid plastic surgery After surgery for Ectropion

This patient has a senile lid ectropion, the skin has become too lax and the lid pulls away from the eye. She complained of tearing, burning of the eye, and sensitivity to wind.

  • A. The eyelid has pulled away from the eye
  • B. The punctum pulled away from the eye
  • C. Scleral show
ectropion lower eyelid plastic surgery ectropion after bleparoplasty reconstruction

Left Picture
Ectropion and Lid pulled away

Right Picture
After surgery for Ectropion

Dr. Bermant performed a lid tightening blepharoplasty on the right eye. After surgery note:

  • The eyelid position is restored
  • The punctum is back against the eye
  • There is normal scleral show

See another case of recurrent ectropion after multiple cancer resections and then skin cancer excision with Mohs' chemosurgery and full thickness skin grafts.

Explore another case of severe basal cell cancer treated with radiation therapy that resulted in lower lid ectropion.

Eyelid ectropion surgery - Bermant in China. Dr. Bermant performing
ectropion corrective surgery in China

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