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Bermant Liposuction - Important Body Contouring Information.

Also called suction lipectomy, suction assisted lipectomy, liposculpture, lyposuction, fat suction.

Explore what liposuction and liposculpture plastic surgery has to offer you.

Michael Bermant, MD Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

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Suction Lipectomy Body Sculpture

Liposuction body sculptingLiposuction is an advanced tool requiring a refined artist and meticulous surgeon for this body sculpting. Safe liposuction surgery demands an attention to detail and care for the patient. Choosing your liposuction surgeon should be a careful decision. As a cosmetic plastic surgeon and artist, Dr. Bermant can select from his many tools for your body sculpture.


Lipoplasty surgeryStart with this introduction and then continue with the liposculpture consultation. Dr. Bermant works hard to minimize bruising and swelling after surgery and uses tumescent and super wet technique liposuction. This form of anesthesia for liposuction body sculpture permits an earlier return to work and less discomfort after surgery. He designs an individualized recovery program for each patient frequently using elastic garments after liposculpture in women and a different after surgery recovery garment for men.

Review the many before and after surgery pictures on this site. Check the extended male chest liposuction section. Dr. Bermant's liposuction sculpture techniques has such minimal bruising and swelling, that he is able to post very early after surgery images.

Comfort after Lipo surgeryLearn What Dr. Bermant's Patients Say About Their Sculpture?
Take some time to browse some of the many discussions about our patients' comfort during and after his liposuction surgery.

lyposuction surgery and body sculpture by Dr. BermantLiposuction helps contour localized fat, not loose skin. In the abdominal region, redundant skin and fat are better addressed with abdominoplasty contouring. When excess skin is a minor issue, mini-tuck abdominoplasty blends skin tightening and liposuction surgery.

Liposuction is a refinement technique and not an alternative to losing weight. After weight loss, liposuction may be an important tool for further body sculpture.

Male chest suction lipectomy sculptureLiposuction surgery is an essential tool for gynecomastia male chest contouring and sculpture. Continue exploring what liposuction surgery offers in the many pages of this section.

This extensive section on Suction Lipectomy is but an introduction to the education Dr. Bermant offers each patient. The best place to explore what plastic surgery may have to offer is during an in office consultation.


Female patient before lipo plasty surgeryFemale patient after lipoplastyPicture Before and 6 Weeks After Liposuction Sculpture
Liposuction female stomach, and flank regions - learn more about this liposuction surgery.


Picture map female patient before body sculptingPicture - Contouring Surgery Map / Plan
Liposuction female patient's stomach and thighs - learn more about this abdominal sculpture.

Dr. Bermant sees patients from around the world who prefer his liposuction techniques and skills. Begin on the web and then continue with our remote package, in office consultation, surgical sculpture, and after surgery care. He uses standard views and pictures for Liposuction remote evaluations. There are also standard photos for liposuction of the male stomach and love handles.

Travel to Richmond is easy. Learn how Dr. Bermant's sculpture can help you.

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