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Bermant Male Liposculpture and Fat Suction

Male Liposculpture Surgical Markings

(suction lipectomy, suction assisted lipectomy, liposculpture, fat suction)

Markings before surgery help plan the surgical sculpting.

Michael Bermant, MD Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

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Male Lipostructure Surgical Markings

6 feet inches tall weighing 185 pounds

Surgery location: Hospital Operating Room

Anesthesia / Method: Tumescent Liposuction with sedation

Removed: 890 cc fat

Please start here for this male patient.

Below are the before surgery body contour maps. The markings are part of the surgery plan and show where the most fat needs to be removed during the liposculpture.

Photo of male patient before lipoplasty fat suction.

Picture of male patient contour markings before liposculpture

Picture of male before fat suction liposculpture. Photo after male lipostructure body sculpture

Left Before lipoplasty photograph in a 37 year old man

Right Patient 7 weeks after lipoplasty

Between the markings, some additional fat is suctioned to feather the regions. This is part of the body sculpture done during surgery.

Picture of lipoplasty man patient before body contour surgery

Contour map before fat suction in a 37 year old man

Picture of man before lipoplasty in man Picture of men after liposculpture.

Left Male before body sculpture photograph

Right Male patient 7 weeks after lipoplasty

Notice how the greatest changes coincide with the contour map markings. The patient was asked to relax before each photograph. Dr. Bermant uses the maps to show his patients the surgical plan and optimize communication and understanding before the surgery.

Photograph of male patient before lipoplasty.

Male patient markings before lipoplasty

Male body sculpture with lipoplasty can be a motivation for exercise and body work as seen in this patient. Notice the improvement in the love handle lateral abdomen and tummy regions.

Photograph of male patient before fat suction lipostructure Male patient photograph after lipoplasty fat suction.

Left Before liposculpture photograph in male

Right Male patient 7 weeks after fat suction

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