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Helaing of tissues after gynecomastia male breast surgery, recovery and swelling after surgery.

After Dr. Bermant's Breast Surgery for Gynecomastia - Evolution of Tissue and Healing

Explore photographs before and after surgery for gynecomastia - dynamic technique. Plastic and cosmetic surgery by Dr. Michael Bermant, MD.

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Photographs after gynecomastia recovery and healing of tissues with limited swellingSurgical CraftsmanshipPhotographs of tissue not so swollen after gynecomastia and Dr. Bermant's dynamic surgeryYour Special NeedsPhotographs healing after gynecomastia and recovery with minimal swellingIndividualized EducationPhotographs of gynecomastia recovery and how tissues heal and patients recoverTender Caregynecomastia healing after surgery with minimal swelling photographsPersonalized ServicePhotographs of how swollen tissues are after gynecomastia and recoveryBecome ComfortableGynecomastia recovery and swelling after surgery

Healing of Tissue Depends on Many Factors

Evolution of shape and recovery after surgery depends on:

  • the original problem
  • surgical technique
  • skill of the surgeon
  • extent of surgery
  • stresses placed on healing tissues
  • how you heal

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Photographs before surgery for gynecomastia. After surgery photographs for gynecomastia surgery with limited swelling and early healing
Before surgery photographs for gynecomastia Photographs 10 days after gynecomastia surgery
Photographs 6 months after gynecomastia surgery with quick recovery

With Dr. Bermant's chest sculpture, the big changes after surgery happen in the operating room. Tissue continues to evolve during the healing stages.

Photograph to left is 6 months after gynecomastia surgery.

This next patient had one sided gynecomastia - one side was affected, the other was normal. With only one side operated, the photographs can show tissue healing and evolution compared to an unoperated side.

Photographs of patient with gynecomastia, before surgery.

Unilateral Gynecomastia Male Chest - Only the patient's right breast needed surgery. Although 9 days after an operation is very early into the healing process, note how nicely the skin has shrunk and the shape has evolved.

Picture before surgery

Photograph of patient with gynecomastia, 2 days after surgery with minimal swelling and quick recovery. Photographs of patient with gynecomastia, 9 days after surgery with minimal swelling. Not much swollen

Pictures 2 days after gyno surgery with clear dressing over white non-stick patch

Pictures 9 days after gynecomastia gyno surgery (right)

Photographs of patient with gynecomastia of his other side. This side was not involved and was not operated on. Compare the pictures of healing above to the unoperated side.

These pictures are typical of Dr. Bermant's Techniques. Start out with less swelling, bruising and you can minimize Pain and maximize comfort After Gynecomastia Surgery.

Patient with gynecomastia, photographs before surgery. Photographs of male with gynecomastia before chest contouring surgery.
Patient with gynecomastia, photographs after surgery showing limited swelling and fast recovery. Photographs 3 days after gynecomastia surgery. The big change happens during surgery.
Man with gynecomastia, photos after surgery showing early healing with limited swelling and quick recovery. Photographs 10 days after reduction - dressing just removed. Learn more about this patient.

When enough tissue is not removed, secondary surgery can often sculpt remaining tissue. This next patient had surgery by another doctor, too much tissue remained after that doctor's operation.

Photographs before secondary surgery for gynecomastia Photographs after revision surgery for gynecomastia minimal swelling and fast recovery. Photographs after revision surgery for gynecomastia minimal swelling and fast recovery.
Before secondary gynecomastia surgery photographs (first surgery by another doctor) Photographs 5 days after revision gynecomastia surgery. Learn more about this patient. Photographs 6 weeks after revision gynecomastia surgery

Healing also depends on the extent of the surgery. Male Mastopexy or Internal Breast Lift is a more extensive operation through a small surface incision.

Pictures of gynecomastia and extra sagging tissues before breast reduction and small scar internal breast lift. Picture: Before Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction and Internal Lift Mastopexy
Pictures after short scar internal male breast lift and reduction for gynecomastia - drooping skin. Picture : 6 Months After Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction and Internal Lift Mastopexy
Pictures after short scar internal male breast lift and reduction for gynecomastia - note minimal bruises early into healing

Picture: Just 9 Days After Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction and Internal Lift Mastopexy - Note Minimal Bruising.

Learn more about this Male Breast Lift patient.

You can see many pictures before, during, shortly after, and long term after surgery on the pages of this gynecomastia site. Each patient is different. The typical evolution of tissue for Dr. Bermant's dynamic technique can be found on the many examples posted on these pages.

The big change happens in the operating room, patients wake up with their new chest. The tumescent technique uses anesthetic fluid to numb the tissues. This fluid is absorbed and you urinate it out over the next several hours and days. Sculptured tissue is injured and swollen. This swelling tends to decrease over the next few weeks as it heals. However, any time liposuction is part of sculpture, it can take more than 6 months to see the final results.

The sculpted zone under the skin can stay firm for quite some time as it heals and softens. The firmness is more of feel and consistency of tissue than something that shows through the skin. This healing / evolution can take months. However, for Dr. Bermant's techniques, the big changes occurs at the time of the operation.

The initial swelling of surgery can hide remaining tissue and redundant skin. As that first swelling goes down, the quality of the sculpture shows.

Please take the time to browse through this site and continue your exploration of what Dr. Bermant's techniques have to offer.

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