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Tests and Diagnosis of Gynecomastia or male breast enlargement.

Gynecomastia - Diagnosis and Tests.

Learn about male breasts, diagnostic testing, and how doctors diagnose male breast enlargement.

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Male breast and gynecomastia testing and evaluation. Surgical Craftsmanship Learn about tests and diagnostic evaluation of gynecomastia. Your Special Needs Evaluate gynecomastia with testing and examination. Individualized Education Gynecomastia evaluation and exam to study male breast enlargement. Tender Care Diagnosis and tests for gynecomastia. Personalized Service Male Breast diagnositc testing and examination. Become Comfortable Examination and diagnostic testing of gynecomastia.

Tests and Diagnosis for Gynecomastia

examination of the male chest for gynecomastiaDr. Bermant does not normally order diagnostic tests for stable gynecomastia patients. A history, clinical examination, and male breast exam can establish Red Flags for possible further evaluation. Measuring weight, height, and body fat analysis in conjunction with BMI Calculation, are useful to determine if excess fat contributes to the contour problem..

Laboratory testing may be necessary for men with gynecomastia that is still growing or for signs of possible rare male breast malignancy. Tests that your doctor may order will depend on the Medical Problem that may be Causing the Gynecomastia. Breast glands under stimulation tend to grow, be sensitive, tender, and may hurt. Under enough hormone stimulation, milk production will happen.

diagnostic testing for gynecomastia male breast enlargement.Dr. Bermant refers patients with symptoms of breast growth to an Endocrinologist, a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of glands of the endocrine system. After an examination and evaluation, initial blood hormone tests may be ordered. Depending on the lab results, your endocrinologist may then order further scans, X-rays, and evaluations. Your endocrinologist may possibly recommend medical treatment once there is a diagnosis. Patients with Klinefelter Syndrome have specialized evaluation needs such as chromosome mapping and other studies needed.

male mammorgam gynecomastia testMale Mammogram Tests are X-rays of the breasts and can evaluate denser masses. Dr Bermant may order a mammogram examination if he need to better study the tissues in your chest before considering elective gynecomastia male chest contouring. During your diagnostic imaging, a radiologist may consider Breast Ultrasound Testing to help diagnose cysts, fluids, and other conditions. Needle aspiration biopsy can help evaluate suspicious regions found during this examination.

Gynecomastia gland removed during surgery to send to pathology to test.Pathology Testing examines tissue excised during gynecomastia surgery. A Pathologist will examine your excised tissues to rule out rare male breast cancer.


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