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Pictures of Sumo Wrestlers and Male Fat Distribution

Sumo Wrestlers - Male Fat and Distribution of Fat in Men

Explore breast reduction for gynecomastia - sculpting the male chest after weight loss. Plastic and cosmetic surgery by Dr. Michael Bermant, MD.

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Sumo Wrestling and pictures of fat in menSurgical CraftsmanshipPictures Sumo Wrestlers and location of body fat in men.Your Special NeedsPictures of male fat and Sumo WrestlingIndividualized EducationFat breasts and fat bellies are part of normal body fat distribution in men - Pictures Sumo WrestlersTender CarePictures Sumo Wrestling and Male FatPersonalized ServicePictues of body fat in men - Sumo WrestlingBecome ComfortablePictures Sumo Wrestlers and typical body fat location in men

Male Fat Tends to Collect in the Chest and Abdominal Regions

Photo of Sumo Wrestler - Body Fat Distribution in Overweight Men. Sumo Wrestlers often bulk up for their profession. During wrestling, the chest and stomach remains exposed revealing the typical fat distribution of men with massive weight. body fat distribution in men - sumo wrestler and child
Pcitures Sumo Wrestler showing typical male body fat pattern.

Picture of Sumo Wrestler - Fat Distribution in Men
A band of fat extends throughout both breast, around the chest, under the arms, and through the back. Another band of fat collects around the abdomen, through the flanks, and also around the back. When there is significant excess tissue, the flesh folds. A large component of the weight is stored inside the muscle / fascia wall of the abdomen around the intestines and in a structure called the omentum - a fat storage structure typically between the intestines and the front muscle wall.

Picture of Sumo Wrestler With Typical Male Fat Distribution
Losing weight is a coarse sculpture tool. It is difficult to pick where weight goes on or comes off from. Men tend to gain fat first in the breast and abdominal regions. When losing weight, the stomach and chest regions are the most difficult to reduce. Plastic surgery is better as a fine sculpture tool. Better artists use a coarse tool first, then the fine tool to refine.
Pictures Sumo Wrestler showing typical body fat pattern in men.
Pictures of Sumo Wrestling - male body fat tends to collect in the chest and stomach giving a fat belly

Picture - Sumo Wrestlers with Typical Male Fat
Sumo wrestlers seem to typically have a large bulk, yet exposure of the chest and abdomen are part of their profession. Many men with large breasts and extra fat have told Dr. Bermant they do not go out in public with their bodies exposed. They tend to hide themselves in thick clothing, extra layers of fabric, and avoid activities that may require exposure.

Picture - Sumo Wrestler and Fat in Men
Dr. Bermant's patients who lose weight frequently tell him they feel much better at a lower fat level than when they were obese. Fat men are putting more stress on their back, hips, knees, and ankles. Wearing excess weight gets harder as we age.
Picture of Sumo Wrestler showing typical location of body fat in men.
Picture of Sumo Wrestler showing Body Fat Distribution in Men

Picture - Sumo Wrestler and Male Fat
Plastic surgery is not a good tool for losing weight. Losing weight can change the shape of the body. Fibers in the skin can break resulting in stretch marks and tissue that just do not shrink well after losing weight. Stretched out skin only adjusts so far. Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss can help.

Sumo Wrestling Video shows male fat in motion. Here is another Movie showing how Sumo Wrester fat moves.

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