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Nasal Deformity in Art Rhinoplasty (Surgery of the Nose)

Nasal deformity Rodin man with a nasal fracture 2. Continue exploring rhinoplasty, nasal surgery, & sculpture of the nose by Dr. Michael Bermant, MD plastic & cosmetic surgery.

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Rodin's Man with a broken nose

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l'Homme au nez casse (Man with a broken nose by Rodin) on the left certainly is a better sculpture, but if you were the patient you might not be as happy with that deformed nose and breathing obstruction. Computers can be used to discuss realistic and unrealistic surgical options for a nasal deformity. Changing an image on the computer screen is not THE same as changing a nose in the operating room. During his consultations Dr. Bermant tries to show what options are reasonable to expect and what may be difficult to achieve. The computer in his hands becomes an extension of HIS patient education during consultation, not a gimmick done by someone other than the doctor.

This "patient's" result would be difficult to achieve. The nasal bones would have to be moved and a new dorsal support fabricated probably with bone to support the nasal skin. The nasal tip would need to be recentered and the broken nasal passages opened with a septoplasty. Fixing the nose before the bones have set in bad position is a better option when possible.


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The nasal bones seem to have been displaced. Such deformity is best treated before the bones have healed in bad position. (Click here to see a clinical case with a similar bony deformity and reduction). After healing in such malposition, the bones would need to be carefully cut to help move them back into position. This operation is called a rhinoplasty. Click on the left images to see a computer simulated "rhinoplasty".

People with severe nasal deformity often have the nasal passages obstructed. The bent nasal bones and cartilages can mechanically block air flow. Such patient breath through their mouths. Notice how the statue's lips are parted. The septum is the wall that divides the two nasal passages. A septoplasty or septal resection (removing part of the septum) can improve the breathing obstruction.

See an actual case of dorsal hump reduction and explore what rhinoplasty has to offer.

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