Bermant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Richmond Virginia Internal Nasal Splints and Packing (Surgery of the Nose)

Packing the nose may be necessary in certain cases, but when avoidable there is less discomfort after surgery. Exploring rhinoplasty, nasal surgery, and sculpture of the nose by Dr. Michael Bermant, MD plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Michael Bermant, MD
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Internal Nasal Splints and Packing

Internal splints and packing cause more discomfort and do not seem to lessen internal adhesions* according to recent studies:

*(structures sticking together such as the septum and the turbinates)

There are greater problems with septal perforation, pain, and inflammation when using internal nasal splints. The last article stated that although adhesions were reduced, other techniques could be used instead.

Nasal packing and or splints do have important functions. They can help control bleeding and provide support in certain situations.

nasal splint and packing and rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery

This is a soft silicone splint that has a breathing channel. When needed, one splint is used on each side at the time of surgery. Alone they can add support and pressure when bleeding are problems. Soft foam can add pressure. Such splints must be removed after surgery.

Dr. Bermant uses special suture techniques to minimize the need for nasal packing. Most of his cases will not need such splinting nor extra internal pressure. Dr. Bermant has adopted such methods to maximize his patients comfort after surgery.

Dissolvable septal sutures can help repair the septal mucosa after septoplasty, graft harvest for rhinoplasty, and nasal septal fracture repair. This mattress suture technique helps hold the mucosa lining against the cartilage eliminating the need for most types of nasal packing. These septal sutures dissolve and do not need to be removed.

septal sutures can avoid nasal splints and packing the nose

If you are worried about your comfort, consider having Dr. Bermant help in your nasal surgical needs.

Bermant plastic and cosmetic surgery rhinoplasty septoplasty nose nasal

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