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Mastopexy breastlift plastic surgeon using short scar technques like LeJour and Benelli. Surgical Craftsmanship Male breast reduction for gynecomastia or bitch-tits. Your Special Needs Short scar breast lift mastopexy plastic surgery for drooping breasts Individualized Education Mastopexy breast surgery using short scar techniques like Hall Finley, Binelli, and LeJour Tender Care Dr. Bermant sees breast lift patients from Virginia, Northern Virginia,Washington DC,New Jersey,New York,Atlanta,Georgia,Florida,Texas,Ohio,Tennessee, and around the world Personalized Service Female breast lift mastopexy plastic surgery Become Comfortable Breast Lift Surgery Dr. Bermant Plastic Surgeon.

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  • How much did it cost?
  • Was the final cost the same as what you were told before the surgery?
  • How was the recovery?
  • Were there any complications? How were they resolved?
  • How do you feel about the results?
  • Did it have any effect on your life
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  • Did you learn any lessons?
  • What would you advise others?

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Experience with Dr. Bermant's Breast Lift Mastopexy Surgery

Tell me what you think about your new breasts:

I like them, I love them.  They look good.  They are firmer and prettier.

What you advise others about having this surgery:

Have it done, especially if it looked like mine did.  Make sure it is what you really want to do, it is what I wanted.  It has to be something you really want.

The experience was worthwhile, I am very happy with my new breasts.  They look better, they feel better.  I look better in cloths and feel more confident now.  I am just happy with them now.

Everything was easier than I thought; I did not have much pain from it.  I like the end result, much better.  Surgery was easier, I thought I would be in more pain than I was; I really was not in much pain.  I wish I had done it much sooner.

Dr. Bermant comments:

Thank you for sharing your experiences

Michael Bermant, MD

Need Mastopexy Breast Lift - Travel from New York

I just discovered your website during a google search. I am very interested in a breast lift without implants and was very impressed by the photos of the 26 year old mom featured. I live in New York and would like to drive up for a consultation sometime next month. I can be reached at ---. Thanks in advance.


Dr. Bermant responds:

We see many patients from New York and around the world for my sculpture and are glad to help you explore your options during an in office consultation or our preliminary remote discussion. Many of our NY patients start with this preliminary remote discussion. Jane is my office manager and can help explain how to start. She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

We look forward to helping you explore your options.

Michael Bermant, MD

Follow-up for Mississippi Breast Lift Mastopexy Patients

hi there,
i stumbled across your website, actually hunting for a surgeon in new orleans.  i'm so impressed by your site, however, that i would consider coming up to richmond for my mastopexy.  my question is this:
can post-op followup be done by a local surgeon, under your phone supervision?  i live in gulfport, mississippi.

Dr. Bermant responds:

We see many patients from Mississippi and around the world who prefer my sculpture techniques. In out office, after surgery follow-up is free. Some local surgeons will help in after surgery care, but there is typically additional fees from that doctor. Although I have designed techniques that minimize the need for in office after Breast Lift Surgery care, we encourage return visits when possible.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD

How To Schedule Breast Lift Surgery - Travel in Virginia for Surgery

I am interested in getting a breast lift. according to map quest I am approx 46 minutes away from you, I live nearby in --, Va. Could you tell me approx. when you might be able to do the surgery and if your office has any financing options available? My husband is currently serving active duty in Iraq and I would like to have plenty of time for healing before he gets home.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Since you are so close to Richmond, the in office consultation is recommended. I have evolved the Tumescent Breast Lift to minimize bruising, swelling which can result in a faster recovery. However, scars can take some time to evolve with any breast surgery. Jane is my office manager and can better discuss what time we have available and payment options. She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD

Travel from California for Vertical Breast Lift Pictures for Preliminary Remote Discussion

Hi, I am interested in having the vertical breast lift.  I live in CA. and would be traveling to you.  I'm sure that the Dr. would need to see some pictures.  Could you let me know how many and what angles.  I apologize it advance if this is already listed on your website, I did look around for it.   I am interested in having this done in May.


Dr. Bermant responds:

The Vertical Breast Lift is a fine short scar mastopexy technique.

Standard Pictures for Breast Lift Mastopexy can be valuable in discussing options for surgery during our preliminary evaluation. On that page is a discussion what photographs are needed and a form that you can print to make the process easier. If there are other images / views that you feel will help, they can be included in addition to the standard photo set. You will also need to complete our form which we can send by e-mail. The forms can be requested by phone or e-mail here. There is a consultation fee for our help exploring your concerns.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD

Coming from New York for Breast Lift Mastopexy - How Complex Is the Surgery?

To Dr. Bermant:

I live in New York and am having a breast lift consultation with a plastic surgeon in a few weeks. I wanted to ask you about the surgery for your first (and most extensive) example on your web site because my breasts/physique resembles those pictures so much! Was it a particularly long and/or extensive surgery? Was there anything that would present a particular problem for a good surgeon? With so much sagging tissue, I am very  apprehensive about the results  (I am 37, exercise 6 days a week and do not smoke) -- should I be? Any further information/advice you could give me would be very appreciated. I enjoyed looking at your website because it gives me hope!


Dr. Bermant responds:

Breast Lift Mastopexy is an art form. Not all surgeons have the same skills. You will need to view examples of patients before and after surgery to evaluate the skills of a particular surgeon. We include Breast Lift Movies showing how tissues moves as well as very early after surgery images to show the advantages of my Tumescent Breast Lift techniques. We see many patients from New York and around the world who prefer my techniques and are happy to help you explore our sculpture techniques during a consultation or preliminary remote discussion.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD

Can Patients Travel to Richmond from Manassas Virginia for Breast Lifts By Dr. Bermant?

I was looking at your website. I live in the Manassas area and have had a consultation for a full mastoplexy. The surgeon has described what looks like an anchor/or inverted T incision. I have not scheduled the procedure. I like the looks of the incision and minimal scars from your website. I like the description of attention to breast shape and nipple pedicle (medial) also described in your site. I was extremely impressed by the fullness without implants you were able to attain with available breast tissue.
Would I be able to schedule an appointment for a consultation with you, or could you recommend someone near Manassas that follows this same commitment to optimal results that also works to avoid the "boxy" look I have seen in some after photos of other surgeons.

Dr. Bermant responds:

We see many patients from around the world for Dr. Bermant's surgical techniques and are glad to help you explore your concerns during a consultation or Preliminary Remote Discussion. For our Virginia patients, the in office evaluation for Breast Lift Surgery is preferred so that we can better evaluate the problem in person. To start the process, please contact our office.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD

Dark Nipples After Breast Lift

Hi ,

I just had breast surgery for a lift and it seems the nipples are a real dark color. Is this normal. Am 55 years old and have been a non smoker for 2 years/ Someone said that was a sign that I might lose them. Please

Dr. Bermant responds:

Dark color of tissue after surgery may have many possible causes that range from just a condensation in pigment, to bruising crusting or scabs, or something serious like diminished blood supply or dead tissue. Hanging loose tissue is stretched. Pigment cells in the darker areola, (colored zone around the nipple), are also spread out. Release the tension on the skin, and the areola skin can contract. With the pigment cells closer together, the areola can appear darker. Since it is possible something serious is going on, you should contact your surgeon or someone familiar with what was done.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD

Sagging After Weight Loss After Breast Reduction

I had a breast reduction done three years ago this past June. I went from a GG or somewhere around there to a full C-D. I am in the process of losing weight and toning everything up. My scar from the surgery is one that goes under each breast and around. The question I have is once I am where I want to be weight wise, is it possible to have the lift since I had the reduction? I did not particularly care for the surgeon who did mine.
Thank you very much,

Dr. Bermant responds:

Plastic Surgery after weight loss is typically much better than losing weight after surgery. With weight loss, tissues can loosen and sag. For some, a revision breast lift may be an option. However, you are now dealing with tissues scared from prior surgery with a modified blood supply. We are glad to help you explore your concerns during a consultation or preliminary remote discussion. At the time of your evaluation, copies of the prior operative report, doctor's office notes, and photographs before surgery can be of great advantage.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD

Breast Lift for Large Breasts

hi Dr. I am a size 38DD and My breasts hang real low. When I have on a nice bra they look really great but i still would like a lift down. I have noticed that there are only small breasts on your website so i was wondering if you had success stories and or pictures to show me of ladies with my size that have done lifts.
also if i could finance, let me know please.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Many of my female patients with large breasts ask for a lift and a reduction. If a woman likes her breast size when suspended in a bra, lift alone is an option. Here is an example of a breast lift without reduction on a patient with larger breasts. Larger breasts weigh more and put more tension on suspension tissue. Heavier breasts can have a higher chance of recurrence of sagging after surgery. My office staff can usually help you better understand your payment options. Jane is my office manager. She can normally be reached at our office by phone Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern Time at (804) 748-7737.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD

Breast Lift and Stretch Marks

I'm quite interested in having a breast lift and also I have a bad problem with stretch marks I would really
like to find out what you can do for me . I live in Delaware but am formiliar with the Richmond area. Please contact me so I may persue this further.
Thank you N

Dr. Bermant responds:

Stretch marks in tissue that is removes are gone. Stretch marks left behind often look better with tissue under tension, but the scars remain. We are glad to help you explore your concerns during a consultation or preliminary remote discussion. However, with stretch marks, the in office evaluation can better help with the evaluation of the over stretched tissues.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD

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