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Re: Male Tumescent Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty

Day 6 After Male Tumescent Tummy Tuck Surgery

The first chance I had to take a look at it myself was changing the gauze and taking the garment down I saw my new belly button.   It was such a shock to me, I literally had to take a seat because it had me so awestruck because I was so happy with it.   It was really unbelievable. The rest of the belly was very tight. The loose skin was gone. That was my whole goal. It is just getting better by the day.

In the beginning, to be honest with you, I was nervous about it, which anyone is going to be. That was the worst part, just thinking about having it done. Having it done was actually the easiest part. Going through the motions was easy. All of the deciding to have the surgery done was the hard part. This website helped. I read a lot of the comments of some of the prior patients. They kind of set me at ease. They had the same feelings I did on deciding whether to have the surgery or not. It is only natural, you are human and you are going to be nervous about having the surgery and just hearing from other people that went through what I was about the go through eased me. They pretty much said the same thing. Thinking about having it done is more of the nervous part than having it done.

It is well worth it. There will be a little bit of discomfort. For me it was the day after surgery. Probably the most uncomfortable day, it was still bearable. Even if you were to ask me that day, when the discomfort was at the worst "would you still have had this done," I would have certainly told you "yeah, I would have gone through it again."  I was in a little bit of pain. I don't regret having it done. Since surgery, I have taken about 7 or 8 pain pills. The most uncomfortable part, I would guess I would have to say is getting adjusted to my new skin because I have been used to having loose skin. Now it is a different feeling. It is not uncomfortable, it is just a different feeling and I have to adjust to it.

The garment makes it easier and more comfortable. I washed the garment the other day. I got a chance to experience what it was like without the compression while waiting for it to dry. It feels much better wearing the garment.

I have also had colonoscopy 3 years ago. If I had to rate this to my colonoscopy, the colonoscopy was ten times worse than my experience of having a full tummy tuck.

This is something you really have to want to have done. The hard part is really coming in and going forth with the procedure. The actual procedure for me was not the big deal I thought it was going to be. I was at ease at the hospital with Dr. Bermant, the nurses there were actually really great. It has been a good experience for me and I can see it only getting better as my body heals. Loose skin bothers people for whatever reason, as it did for me after the massive weight loss. For me, I was really more depressed about the loose skin than I was when I had the large stomach, if that makes any sense. Giving others advice for those who thinking about doing it and the loose skin bothers them, I would definitely do it - definitely.

It was a great experience and I am really glad I went forth with it.

Day 13 After Tumescent Tummy Tuck Surgery

I've noticed since last week the swelling has gone down quite a bit. I noticed from older pictures of myself that I have at home, a difference in my belly button. Before surgery my belly button laid horizontal. Now it looks like it did before I put on all the weight. You've got my old belly button back. When I sit down I used to have a problem with loose skin. Now when I sit down it's a relief not to have the loose skin. Its 100% better. Day by day everything is getting better. The garment has helped. It gives me a sense of security going thru the healing process - like a bandaid on a cut. The comfort level has stepped up quite a bit over the past weekend. This has probably been my best day since surgery and its only been 13 days since surgery. I'm really happy and each day that goes by I see the shape taking more effect.

Day 17 After Tumescent Tummy Tuck Surgery

I'm back to work, 17 days after surgery. The hardest part was doling longer than average walks. I had to get used to the skin feeling tight. I didn't need any pain medication. I'm very happy with my new body and anxious to see the final result. But, I know that its going to take time.

Dr. Bermant responds:

Thank you for sharing your experiences about your Tumescent Tummy Tuck abdominal sculpture.

Michael Bermant, MD

3 Months After Male Tumescent Lower Body Lift Surgery Travel From Florida

Hey Dr. B Jane office staff,

I just wanted to share some of my experiences with the body lift surgery.

I've pasted it at the bottom of this message.

Thanks so much!


Anyway, here's my story, feel free to shorten it if you want to, and share it with anyone as you see fit:

After 3 years of exercise and controlled diet, and over 100 pounds lost, I was left with quite a saggy torso. It annoyed me to no end that I had no waist, and couldn’t comfortably tuck in my shirt. I liked myself at 200 pounds, but I knew I’d never be happy with my appearance unless I had body lift surgery done.

When considering body lift surgery, I had always heard from various sources that Bermant was the go-to-guy for the best results. I considered that it would cost more to travel to VA for the surgery, when I could have it done in FL, but I also knew that I only have one body, and I didn’t want to take any chances with such a significant and potentially life-changing operation. A past experience with a mediocre plastic surgeon also swayed me to find someone more reputable to perform the operation.

I found Dr. Bermant to be knowledgeable, and I trusted him with the operation. I could tell that he cares very much for his patients’ safety, and would deliver good results.

The nursing staff at the hospital in Richmond were all very nice and helpful with me during recovery. They also all thought I was a fascinating case, which was kinda cool.
It was a major operation, and I was expecting a certain level of pain, but it was significantly less than I had expected. I felt almost no pain during recovery, just some discomfort, mostly in my abdomen. All the nurses were impressed that I wasn't in more pain, and that I hardly took any pain meds.

I was able to return to Florida after eight days, and with some assistance, returned to work at my office the very next day. I was even able to (carefully) hop back on my motorcycle just two weeks after the surgery.

3 months later, I must say it was worth the time and money invested, as the results are every bit as good as I’d hoped (and I had high expectations). While I still have some swelling, my torso is already dramatically improved, and my confidence and quality of life have improved right along with it. I have swagger in my walk now, for the first time ever, thanks to Dr. B.

While it may have been more expensive to have the surgery in VA, I don’t have any regrets, and I’m incredibly satisfied with the results. Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful that I had the guts to go thru with it, and I don’t doubt for a second that I picked the right surgeon.

-Charles in Florida

Dr. Bermant responds:

Thank you for your kind words. We worked very hard to optimize each of our patients' experiences. The amazing comfort is one of the neat features of my Tumescent Body Lift. Minimizing the Bruising and Swelling During Recovery is a major factor to achieve our patients' Comfort After Tummy Tuck and Body Lift surgery. Please keep us informed about your progress.

Michael Bermant, MD

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