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Pictures complication bad gynecomastia surgery scars after another doctor's liposuction with adhesion and deformity

Crater Complication from Other Doctor's Gynecomastia Surgery

Explore pictures of revision gynecomastia - male breast tissue surgery and liposuction.

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Pictures of complication after gynecomastia surgery with scarring deformity of chest. Surgical Craftsmanship Pictures of complication after liposuction gynecomastia surgery with scarring defect of chest. Your Special Needs Pictures of complication after liposuction gynecomastia surgery with chest defect. Individualized Education Liposuction gynecomastia male breast complication pictures. Tender Care Liposuction gynecomastia pictures with scars and adhesions Personalized Service Liposuction gynecomastia male breast reduction failure Become Comfortable Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Bermant Cosmetic Surgeon.

Crater Complication Deformity from Gynecomastia Gland Excision

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Crater Deformity Complication

gynecomastia crater deformityThe gland in mammals is located behind the nipple areola. Removing gland alone can leave a hole or crater defect. Dr. Bermant prefers to concentrate on gland first and then use the artist's pallet of his Dynamic Technique to prevent such disasters. We see many such crater defects from around the world.

Crater Defect Complication That Shows On Flexing Muscles

Crater Complication Deformity Scar shows on animation. Just tightening his pectoral muscles creates the crater scars from skin adhesions. Move your cursor over smaller images to see the defect.

crater complication deformity crater complication deformity after gynecomastia surgery
Chest Relaxed
crater deformity complication after gynecomastia surgery
Tight Muscles

Crater Defect Complication Obvious Even With Muscles Relaxed

Some Crater Defects are so pronounced that they are deformed even with the chest relaxed. Move your cursor over smaller images to see the defect.

crater deformity after gynecomastia surgery crater
Relaxed Muscles
crater deformity bad scar
Flexed Muscles

wide crater deformity

Extended Crater Deformity After New York Surgeon's Revision
Some craters are so extensive that there are no fat wall close enough for reconstruction. Check out this page that demonstrates how pictures alone are not enough to document the result. Watch both videos on that page. Deformity on animation shows while living life, playing sports, and enjoyment exposing the male chest. The movies tell the story, listen to the patient's experiences.

wide crater adhesion deformity


The wall of the Crater Complication has fat, skin, and scar. Weight gain tends to make a deeper hole. Weight loss can narrow the gap, however, on animation the adherence defect still shows. The adhesion scar complication is an extreme form of Male Inverted Nipple Deformity. These variation of this defect all involve skin adhesion, or the nipple scarred to the deeper structures. Learn about the Bursa Crater Deformity where the nipple areola skin free floats over the defect.

Some Crater Defects can be improved with Revision Gynecomastia Surgery such as this example of an Extensive Crater Deformity Sculpture or this Revision of Bursa Crater Complication. Options depend on the original problem, what was done, how you healed, what local tissues are available for reconstruction, and other factors.

The best way to deal with a Crater Complication is prevention.

The Gynecomastia Surgery Complications seen here are from operations done by other doctors. Choosing your Plastic Surgeon is very important. Dr Bermant sees many patients from around the world who prefer his techniques. We are glad to help you explore your concerns during a consultation or Preliminary Remote Discussion where we review your information and Standard After Chest Surgery Pictures.

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