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Pictures revision gynecomastia surgery for crater deformity from New York and New Jersey Surgeons

Flexing Failure Crater Deformity After Revision by New York Surgeon - Original Gynecomastia Surgery Done in New Jersey

Explore Video, Movies, and Photos of deformity of too much fat removed, adhesions, and scars after gynecomastia surgery done in NJ and revision surgery in NY.

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Revision Gynecomastia plastic surgery. Surgical Craftsmanship Repeat male breast tissue reduction Your Special Needs Male breast tissue secondary reduction for remaining gynecomastia Individualized Education Repeat gynecomastia male breast tissue reduction for enlarged breasts. Tender Care Secondary gynecomastia photographs Personalized Service Redo gynecomastia male breast reduction. Become Comfortable Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Bermant Cosmetic Surgeon.

Static Pictures Can Hide Deformity Seen in Real Life, Flexing, and Moving Muscles.

41 year old male first came to Dr. Bermant 3 years ago unhappy after gynecomastia surgery done in New Jersey. He failed our Red Flag test with breast pain and breast size getting bigger. Dr Bermant sent him on for Endocrinology evaluation and stabilization. He had the problem stabilized but then had revision surgery in New York. He returned to our office complaining now of contour distortion flexing muscles, deformed chest, atrophied lost muscle mass injured during surgery, and saying he was much worse off than when he was here. He has attempted to rebuild the muscles with therapy and brought a series of Male Mammograms and MRIs of his chest documenting the deformity spanning the 2 prior operations.

Movie Failed NY Revision Gynecomastia Surgery

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Flash Video flash video revision gynecomastia surgery before after 9.7 MB 2 minutes 26 seconds. Making something look good in real life is much more difficult than a static photo with arms at the sides. This is using our Standard Video for documentation the male chest.

  • Extensive Crater Deformity Complication with adhesions looks bad lifting arms overhead.
  • Deformity flexing muscles seen in movie so much more vividly than photos.
  • This defect is after 2 surgeries done elsewhere.
  • Patient had seen Dr. Bermant after first surgery done in N.J.
  • Tender growing breasts forced Dr. Bermant to refer to Endocrinologist to stabilize before surgery. Without stabilization recurrence can occur.
  • Patient then chooses closer NY Plastic Surgeon.
  • This is the result after New York revision gynecomastia surgery.
  • Patient unhappy with result returns to Dr. Bermant, but resources now gone.
  • Dr. Bermant outlines extensive crater defect wall.
  • There is a wide zone of adherence in this crater defect.
  • Fat now gone after sharp cannula liposuction.

QuickTime Movie Failed NY Revision Crater quicktime video revision gynecomastia surgery before after (same movie).

Movie Experiences Revision Gynecomastia Surgery

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Flash Video flash video revision surgery before after 22.7 MB 4 minutes 27 seconds demonstrating Crater Scars and Adhesions. Movies beyond motion issues, can help express emotion of experience and satisfaction.

  • Tender growing breasts after first surgery.
  • Dr. Bermant referred for Endocrinologist for evaluation and treatment.
  • Went to NY surgeon because he was closer.
  • Patient said "Major mistake, sucked me dry of fat."
  • That surgeons response "Not going to have it perfect."
  • You need a surgeon who understands that how it moves is important for a good result.
  • Deformity demonstration: showing that how bad it looks while flexing.


QuickTime Movie Patient Experiences and Demonstration Crater Deformity quicktime video revision gynecomastia surgery before after (same movie).

Flexing Muscles and Arms Up Overhead Demonstrate Deformity of Extended Crater Defect.

Progression of still pictures (with pectoral muscles relaxed) deceptively looks like satisfactory outcome. Starting before any surgery, to after New Jersey primary gynecomastia surgery, and ending with revision surgery done in New York seems to show improvement. Move your cursor over the smaller images to see the changes.

photo before surgery picture after first surgery photo crater after ny revision Left: Before Any Surgery
Middle: After NJ Gyno Surgery
Right: After NY Revision...
photo muscles relaxed picture muscles flexed crater However, you see how the failed New York revision results once flexing the muscle.
Left Photo Relaxed, Right Image Muscles Flexed
A truly good result will look good living life, not just in a still photo. The distortion seen is from the surface skin stuck to the underlying scarred muscle, fat severely depleted. New York Crater Deformity Complication Pictures
picture crater after NJ gynecomastia surgery picture crater worse after NY revision Left Photo slight crater after 1st NJ surgery.
Right Photo Craters more extensive after NY revision.
photo crater chest relaxed image after revision muscles relaxed Left Photo Before Any Surgery
Right Photo Before NY revision.
photo crater chest relaxed image deformity after revision muscles flexed Left Photo Relaxed, Right Muscles Flexed
After Failed Revision Surgery done in New York. Note the extreme distortion on flexing muscles.
photo after New York Revision muscles relaxed image deformity after New York revision muscles flexed Left Photo Relaxed, Right Muscles Flexed
After Failed Revision Surgery done in New York. Again, extended deformity on flexing.

Excessive tissue removal, techniques that excessively injure tissues, surgeon's skills, inadequate scar care, after gynecomastia surgery compression garments, and patient's tendency to scar all can be factors. This is why Standard After Gynecomastia Photos should show muscles flexing and arms up over head. As demonstrated on this page, Standard Gynecomastia Movies are even more demanding and demonstrate a surgeon's sculpture skills.

Managing a crater deformity by making it bigger and wider is no answer for a result to look good on animation. For reconstruction of a crater defect, local resources are needed. Options that did exist after the first operation when the patient was examined, were no longer available after they were removed by the liposuction of the second surgeon.

Oblique Pictures Relaxed & Flexing Crater Complication.

left oblique picture muscle relaxedleft oblique picture muscle flexed

Almost 2 Years after Revision Surgery Performed by NY Surgeon. Extended adhesions do not look natural when flexing muscles as seen in the lower pictures of each set.

right oblique picture muscle relaxedoright oblique picture muscle flexed

Flexing Side Pictures Also Show Extended Craters

left lateral photograph muslces relaxedleft lateral photograph muslces flexed

Almost 2 Years after Revision Surgery Performed by NY Surgeon. When too little fat remains, skin attachment to chest can look bad when using chest muscles (the right photograph of each set.

Picture right chest relaxedPicture right chest flexed

areola scar ny revision gynecomastiaareola scar new york revision male breast

Picture almost 2 years after revision. Note the very long areola scar well inside the edge of the pigmentation. Dr. Bermant prefers to use a much smaller scar for his gland access.

At 5 feet 8 inches, he weight 187 pounds with a body fat of 17%.

Procedure Right Left Technique
First Surgery 295cc 275cc Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction
Revision Surgery 175cc 125cc "aggressive liposuction" with "modified custom liposuction cannula" followed by excision of "residual dense breast tissue and or scar tissue"

The endocrine issues had resolved. The tenderness and breast growth were no longer factors. However, the local fat resources he had at his visit before the New York surgery were now gone. His Crater Deformity Complication from the first surgery was now extended. The defect now was well beyond that seen in this Crater Defect from Texas, where remaining fat could be moved into the defect. Revision Gynecomastia Surgery was no longer an option. Here is another liposuction gynecomastia with bad scar by another doctor.

Learn more about Dr. Bermant's own New York gynecomastia patients' experiences. Here is patient Dr. Bermant was able to Revise the gynecomastia deformity after surgery first done by a NY plastic surgeon.

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Crater Deformity Complication

Revision Gynecomastia Surgery

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