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Abdominoplasty tummy tuck of the abdomen

Revision Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty - Tumescent Technique

Surgery to Revise Problems, Deformity, Defects, and Scars After Plastic Surgery of the Stomach, Abdominal Wall, and Abdomen.

Michael Bermant, MD
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TummyTuck Surgery. Surgical Craftsmanship Abdominoplasty tightens abdomen and abdominal muscles. Your Special Needs Tummy Tuck tightens stomach. Individualized Education Abdominoplasty sculpture of the abdominal wall and stomach. Tender Care Bermant Plastic Surgery tightens stomach. Personalized Service Abdominoplasty tightens stomach and belly. Become Comfortable Abdominoplasty TummyTuck Cosmetic Surgery of Abdomen.

Revising Plastic Surgery of the Stomach, Abdomen, & Belly Button.

There are many types of abdominal wall sculpture for many different problems. In picking a Tummy Tuck surgeon, you are choosing an artist of tissue sculpting. Each surgeon has their own level of skills and each patient heals in their own fashion. What you find here on Dr. Bermant's website are typical results from his sculpture. Our goal is for each patient satisfaction and being able to tell us that their results were just like they found on our site or better.

We see many patients from around the world dissatisfied and frustrated after surgery elsewhere. Prevention is the best way to not need revision surgery in the first place. Although Dr. Bermant does many revision operations, it is rare that he needs to revise his own patient's operations. That is why picking your surgeon for your original abdominal sculpture can be so important. When a patient has tummy tuck surgery elsewhere, but does not like his / her results, Revision Tummy Tuck surgery can often help. Options depend on the original problem, what was done, after surgery care, complications, how you healed, and other factors. We are glad to help you explore such concerns during an in office consultation or a Preliminary Remote Discussion.

Abdominoplasty Revision

Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty consists of several components. One or more of these elements can contribute to a failed result. Sculpture begins with an analysis of the problem, timing of the different elements, selecting the best tools for the surgical sculpture, the actual surgical sculpture, and then the healing.

Revision Tumescent Tummy Tuck to Tighten Loose Skin After Liposuction.

Loose skin after liposuction, photographs before tumescent tummy tuck.Loose skin after liposuction, photographs after tumescent tummy tuck.Liposuction Does Not Tighten Skin and Loose Tissues After Pregnancy. Patient was unhappy with loose skin and deeper tissues not addressed by another surgeon's liposuction.

Photos of surgical markings before high lateral tension tummy tuck abdominoplasty. She had loose skin and deeper tissues after 2 pregnancies. Liposuction does not tighten the skin, nor does it tighten the muscle fascia layers. On this picture of the surgical plan, note how much skin excess was removed during this surgery. Learn more how this Tummy Tuck was revised.

Tummy Tuck Revising Loose Skin After Liposuction.

Pictures of male before tumescent tummy tuck abdominoplasty for hanging tissue after weight loss and liposuction of stomach.Pictures of male after tumescent tummy tuck abdominoplasty for hanging tissue after weight loss and liposuction of stomach.Liposuction Does Not Tighten Skin and Loose Tissues After Weight Loss. Patient had drooping skin after losing weight. Right Picture: only 6 days after surgeryPictures of map and plan before male tumescent tummy tuck abdominoplasty for hanging tissue after weight loss and liposuction.

Notice how much loose skin removal was planned for this revision. Learn more about revising this Revision Tummy Tuck.

Tummy Tuck to Revise Massive Belly Button Deformity after Failed Minituck & Revision.

picture deformed belly button and scarpicture after surgery to revise belly buttonStomach Skin Cannot Be Tightened Just With a Belly Button Incision. Left Picture is the deformity after failed MiniTuck, belly button revision surgery done elsewhere. She then suffered from a pigmented burn scar of the abdomen. MiniTuck Abdominoplasty does not remove much skin. belly button centered tummy tuck disaster does not workA belly button tuck does not work. The navel cannot be used as a removal point for loose skin. Forces will pull the tissue out resulting in this disfiguring star burst deformity scarring. Trying to take more loose skin through the belly button resulted in this disaster. The original surgeon then tried again to reduce the belly button with a revision umbilicoplasty which also did not work. Learn more about this patient's problem and Tummy Tuck Revision. When there is enough skin, a Revision Tummy Tuck can result in a new natural smaller belly button. Normally the scar is hidden in the clothing. The large burn scar required the vertical component.

Revised Umbilicoplasty can Form a New Belly Button.

Pictures with very shallow belly button look strange, before Dr. Bermant's revision neoumbilicoplasty - making a new belly button.Pictures with a more normal belly button after Dr. Bermant's revision neoumbilicoplasty - making a new belly button.Making a New Belly Button after bad surgery. Pictures Female with Almost Absent Bellybutton After Multiple Operations by Other Surgeons Before Dr. Bermant's Neoumbilicoplasty. This defect resulted from a failed Umbilicoplasty, abdominal liposuction, and two belly button revision operations elsewhere

Surgery to Revise Belly Button Umbilicoplasty

Repeat Surgery can Create an Innie Belly Button.

Photos before revision belly button umbilicoplasty plastic surgeryPhotos 1 year after revision belly button umbilicoplasty plastic surgery Revising Belly Button can help failed Umbilicoplasty. Pictures Before and 1 Year After Belly Button Umbilicoplasty. Patient was unhappy after other surgeon's outie to innie Umbilicoplasty which failed.

Revision Belly Button Umbilicoplasty


Scar Revision Tummy Tuck can improve some scars.

Male tummy tuck pictures after weight loss surgery and before tummy tuck abdominoplasty.Male tummy tuck pictures after weight loss surgery and after tummy tuck abdominoplasty.Scar Revision After Tummy Tuck options depend on the original problem, what was done, skill of the surgeon, how a patient heals, after surgery care, scar care, compression garments, and other factors best explored during an in office consultation. Scars can include the surface and deeper elements. Typical places for surface scar concerns Pi ctures after weight surgery before male tummy tuck abdominoplasty.include the belly button and the skin excision site (usually just above the pubic region.) Prior C-Section Scars are often can often be included in the the surgical plan for a Tummy Tuck. Other scars such as this vertical scar after Gastric Bypass Surgery also can be revised. Learn more about this Scar Revision Surgery. Scar cannot be erased, they are replaced by new scars. The question is the nature of that scar.

Plastic Surgery is not an alternative to losing weight.

Plastic Surgery not alternative to losing weight.Fat is stored inside the abdominal contents primarily in a structure called the omentum. Tummy Tuck surgery attempts to tighten the abdominal wall against this fat will quickly stretch back out from the internal pressure. Muscle Fascia Tightening surgery will not help when there are such internal forces at work. Repeat surgery is best deferred until the underlying problem is addressed.


weight loss better before Plastic SurgeryWeight loss before surgery is better than after. Losing weight is a coarse tool, you cannot pick where the weight comes from. Plastic Surgery is best used for refinement after weight loss. Plastic Surgery is not a good jump starting tool. What makes you think that your skin will shrink with further weight loss after Tummy Tuck surgery? If that were the case, skip the surgery, lose the weight and watch the skin tighten! Unfortunately it does not work that way making early surgery a gamble. Bridges can be burned with surgery too early. Limited loose skin from weight loss after surgery may not have secondary surgical options.


Pregnancy will stretch stomach skin adbdominal wall.Pregnancy can stretch the abdominal wall structures. How well the tissues rebound after childbirth vary depending on many factors. Tighten the stomach, then stretch tissues with pregnancy, and loose tissues can recur. After Pregnancy redo surgery sometimes is an option depending on how much loose skin has occured.

Tissues Need to Heal and Soften Before Considering Further Surgery.
Dr. Bermant normally prefer the tissues to soften before any major revision in plastic surgery. This can take 6 months or longer depending on what was done. In cases where patients are unhappy, he recommends an evaluation early in order to evaluate possible options. We prefer to evaluate the problem, a copy of the operative report, doctor's office records and before surgery photographs at the time of your evaluation.

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