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Want to read books about Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate? This section is for healing with facial difference. Find books written for the public.

Listing of these books does not mean that Dr. Bermant has read them nor does he endorse the book and the material contained within. Reviews are from various sources.

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search,barnes,noble,barnes and noble,cleft,lip,palate,face,deformity,disfigurement,difference,book,books,reading,read,browse,look up,book storeTitle: Children with Facial Difference: A Parents' Guide

Author: Hope Charkins
Publisher: Woodbine H
Date Published: April 1996
ISBN-13: 9780933149618
From Library Journal: Woodbine House gives us another excellent volume in their "Special Needs Collection." Charkins, a social worker with the Vermont Division for Children with Special Health Care Needs and the parent of a child with facial difference, is a cofounder of the Treacher Collins Foundation. Covering medical, educational, legal, and social issues, as well as aspects of family life and self-esteem, she brings both technical and personal experience to this much-needed text on abnormalities of the bones and tissues of the head and neck. While much of the information on cleft lip and cleft palate can be readily found elsewhere, the information in lay terms on such conditions as Treacher Collins, Apert, and Crouzon fills a huge void. The chapters follow a format common to the series and, like other volumes, offers contributing editors who represent some of the best in the field. Recommended for all special-needs collections. KellyJo Houtz Griffin, Northwest Hosp., Auburn, Wash.

Title: Cleft Palate

Author: Gene R. Powers
Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Company, Incorporated
Date Published: January 1973
ISBN-13: 9780890790946

the cleft palate storyTitle: The Cleft Palate Story

Author: Samuel Berkowitz
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing Company, Incorporated
Date Published: # August 2006
ISBN-13: 9781556427787
Synopsis When a child is born with a cleft lip and/or palate, parents are often left with unanswered questions and a lack of information as to what to do and when to do it. The Cleft Palate Story is a unique and comprehensive book that provides parents with the answers to those questions and helps them to understand and successfully manage the problems associated with their child's cleft.

Inside The Cleft Palate Story, Dr. Samuel Berkowitz describes the different types of clefts, the causes of clefting, and the rehabilitation options. A clear and positive format is used to help parents reduce their anxiety over the unknown but treatable consequences of cleft lip/palate treatment and prepare them for the examinations, medical and dental procedures, and hospital admissions.

The Cleft Palate Story explains the methods used in clinical management, including surgery, orthodontics, and speech and hearing rehabilitative techniques. This generously illustrated book also includes an impressive appendix of valuable resources including information on insurance, finding support groups, and cleft-related publications and videos available on the market.

The Cleft Palate Story prepares parents for the challenges they will face, helps them understand the treatment plan developed by the cleft palate team, and details how this condition can be managed to have a successful outcome.

The book contains black-and-white illustrations.
Michael E. Dunham

This is an informative new book on the care of children with facial clefting. It is written from the perspective of the craniofacial anomalies team and includes contributions from a variety of specialists caring for children with facial clefts. The book is a practical guide for parents of children with facial clefts. It includes detailed, but easily understood, material covering the surgical, dental, speech, and hearing aspects of craniofacial clefting. The book largely meets its overall objective as a handbook and reference for parents and primary care practitioners on this important subject. The book is targeted especially for parents of children with craniofacial clefts. It is, however, also an excellent source of information for primary care practitioners. The contributors are individuals distinguished in this field and include a mother of a child with a craniofacial cleft features. The book includes a number of excellent illustrations and photographs. The most unique feature of the book is its in-depth inclusion of resources for parents of children effected by craniofacial clefting. The list of resources include information on (1) feeding and day-to-day care of infants with facial clefts; (2) financing health care for handicapped children; (3) how to deal with insurance companies; (4) how to find a qualified craniofacial cleft team; (5) what to expect during and after surgery for craniofacial clefting. The chapters on surgical planning and dental orthodontics/orthopedics are particularly noteworthy. These complex and somewhat controversial topics are often confusing for parents and referring primary care physicians. This is a clearly written overview of facial clefting intended forparents. It is also an excellent reference for primary care physicians treating children with facial clefts. Each member of the craniofacial anomalies team explains their contribution to the child's care. The parent is considered an integral part of the team. The book's principle strengths are its in-depth but clearly written material for parents and its inclusion of resources for parents and caretakers of children with facial clefts.

search,barnes,noble,barnes and noble,cleft,lip,palate,face,deformity,disfigurement,difference,book,books,reading,read,browse,look up,book storeTitle: Going to the Doctor

Author: T. Berry Brazelton, Alfred Womack (Illustrator)
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Incorporated
Date Published: July 1996
ISBN-13: 9780201406948
Synopsis Now, for the first time, Dr. Brazelton writes for the audience closest to his heart: young children. In this delightful book he explains each step of a visit to the doctor, from listening to the heart and checking reflexes to the eye chart and even the shots. His humor and empathy for a child's curiosity and fears shine through on every page. Hilariously candid drawings by Brazelton's grandson, Alfred Womack, express the child's point of view. Color photos.

Expert Commentary

From Dr. Judy Rowen - Children's Literature: Noted pediatrician, Brazelton, has written a book for children explaining the procedure during a routine check-up. His grandson provided illustrations from the child's perspective, and clear photos show Dr. Brazelton interacting with his patients. For my tastes, the text focuses too much on how embarrassing a check-up can be; leaving me feeling more embarrassed than I was at the outset. Some of the drawings depict procedures in a terrifying light; for instance, checking reflexes is shown as a huge sledgehammer descending upon the patient. In my experience, children love the little "tomahawk" used and think it is funny to see their legs kick-they often repeat the maneuver on their own, "accidentally" kicking the doctor. Also, dear Dr. Brazelton goes against the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations in describing a multipuncture test for tuberculosis. TB testing is only recommended for high-risk groups, not routinely, and should only be done with an injection into the skin, not the old-time test.

From The Publisher: A lifetime of listening and caring has given Dr. T. Berry Brazelton unique empathy for his young patients. In this warm, delightful book, he explains each step of a visit to the doctor: from the stethoscope and checking the reflexes, to the eye chart and even the shots. His humor, honesty, and, above all, his respect for the child's curiosity and worries shine through on every page. Hilariously candid drawings by Dr. Brazelton's grandson Alfred express the child's point of view while vivid photos bring the reader right into the doctor's office. With an afterword to help parents make the most of each checkup, Going to the Doctor will fascinate all children and help them understand and even look forward to their next visit to the doctor.

search,barnes,noble,barnes and noble,cleft,lip,palate,face,deformity,disfigurement,difference,book,books,reading,read,browse,look up,book storeTitle: I like Me!

Author: Nancy L. Carlson
Publisher: Puffin Books
Date Published:# May 1990
ISBN-13: 9780140508192
Synopsis For children ages 4 to 6. "Little ones in need of positive reinforcement will find it here. An exuberant pig proclaims 'I like me!' She likes the way she looks, and (all her) activities . . . when she makes a mistake she picks herself up and tries again."--Booklist. Full color.

Expert Commentary

From Publisher's Weekly: The ebullient pig-heroine is a happy adherent to the adage ``Love Thyself.'' ``I like me!'' she exclaims from the cover and goes on to say, ``I like my curly tail, my round tummy and my tiny little feet.'' The fresh-faced piggy elaborates: she always treats herself with respect by keeping herself clean, eating good food and exercising properly. She takes care of other important needs, too, drawing lovely pictures, reading good books and cheering herself up when she's feeling down. Never too hard on herself for failures, she points out that when she makes mistakes, she tries again. The formation of a healthy self-image, the cornerstone of a happy and successful life, is what this book is all about. Bright, colorful pictures complement the bouncy, upbeat text; Carlson skillfully imparts a positive message without denying that life holds embarrassing even sad moments. The book and its heroine are loaded with appeal. Ages 2-6. (August)

From School Library Journal: PreS-Gr 1 ``I Like Me,'' says an emphatically cheerful girl-pig who demonstrates an imperturbable sense of self-esteem: ``I have a best friend. That best friend is me!'' She paints, bikes, reads, takes good care of herself, and even deals with her own occasional fallibility: ``When I make mistakes, I try and try and try again.'' I Like Me is visually interesting, with sturdy animals drawn in a deliberately artless style. Simple shapes, strong lines, and clear colors, with lots of pattern mixing, show what is not described in the minimal text. The text is hand-lettered. The content is less intriguing than the artwork. A direct message, clearly stated, is preferable to one couched around a fictional plot, but, even so, this book exists primarily as a vehicle to bolster a child's self-esteem. Healthy children will relate to and probably enjoy this book, while the children who need it most may not be affected at all. An additional purchase rather than a top-priority item. Lauralyn Persson, Wilmette Public Library, Ill.

search,barnes,noble,barnes and noble,cleft,lip,palate,face,deformity,disfigurement,difference,book,books,reading,read,browse,look up,book storeTitle: Just because I Am: A Child's Book of Affirmation

Author: Lauren Murphy Payne,Claudia Rohling (Illustrator)
Publisher: Free Spiri
Date Published: March 1994
ISBN-13: 9780915793600

For children ages 4 to 8.

"not because of things I do, not because of what I look like, not because of what I have..., just because I am."

parents guide to cleft lip and palateTitle: Parent's Guide to Cleft Lip & Palate

Author: Karlind T. Moller,Clark Starr
Publisher: U of Minn
Date Published: January 1992
ISBN-13: 9780816614912


marcie monster bayouTitle: Marcie & the Monster of the Bayou

Author: Betty Hager
Publisher: Zondervan Publishing House
Date Published: July 1994
ISBN-13: 9780310384311

An imaginative nine-year-old has trouble when she claims to have seen a sea monster in the bayou near her house and when she tries to protect her new friend whose harelip has made her the subject of malicious gossip.

search,barnes,noble,barnes and noble,cleft,lip,palate,face,deformity,disfigurement,difference,book,books,reading,read,browse,look up,book storeTitle: Rosey the Imperfect Angel

Author: Sandra Lee Peckinpah,Trisha Moore (Illustrator)
Publisher: Dasan Productions, Incorporated
Date Published: January 1991
Synopsis For children ages 4 to 9. Although she has been laughed at because she is different, a little angel is chosen to go to earth as a special baby.

Expert Commentary From The Horn Book, Inc.: Rosey, an angel with a cleft palate, works hard in her heavenly garden after the Boss Angel declares her disfigured mouth "'lovely as a rose petal.'" Her reward is to be born on earth - as a baby with a cleft. Both text and illustrations are flat and amateurish in this falsely comforting, demeaning explanation of why some people are born with birth defects.

search,barnes,noble,barnes and noble,cleft,lip,palate,face,deformity,disfigurement,difference,book,books,reading,read,browse,look up,book storesearch,barnes,noble,barnes and noble,cleft,lip,palate,face,deformity,disfigurement,difference,book,books,reading,read,browse,look up,book store

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