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Search barnes noble barnes and noble nose nasal surgery surgeon rhinoplasty septoplasty septalplasty book books reading read browse look up book store.Title: Holes in Your Nose
Genichiro Yagyu,Amanda M. Stinchecum (Translator)
Date Published:
March 1994
ISBN-13: 9780916291501
Synopsis For infants or children in preschool. This second book in the My Body Science series confronts the curiosity children have about the holes in their noses. For an entertaining, informative and hopefully helpful few minutes, read this book to a child. You'll both have fun! Full color.

Expert Commentary This Book was reviewed by: Publisher's Weekly, The Horn Book, Inc., School Library Journal, Susan Chira - The New York Times Book Review and Roger Sutton - Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

From Publisher's Weekly: The latest Japanese import in Kane/ Miller's My Body Science/Curious Nell series starts out promisingly, with some of the same frank humor that characterized their initial offering (Taro Gomi's Everyone Poops ). Yagyu is certainly informative--he bolsters his explanations of the nose and its functions with diagrams and crisp line drawings, and his largely orange, red and black palette lends a retro-'60s look. Unfortunately, the book goes more than slightly overboard in its exploration of nasal passages. For example, a gorilla with a runny nose denies the offer of a tissue, saying that he plans to ``let it dry then pick it off and eat it.'' Even the hardiest readers may find themselves opting out of this one. Pass the Kleenex, please. Ages 18 mos.-5 yrs. (Apr.)

From The Horn Book, Inc.: A poorly written, dreadfully illustrated picture book about the nose -- and its contents. Featuring graphic drawings of bloody and runny noses, the Japanese import is filled with unbelievably tasteless comments. The suggestion that seeds placed in the nose will sprout may cause impressionable readers to try the experiment for themselves -- a more worthwhile activity than reading the book.

From School Library Journal: PreS-Gr 1-There are some imports that just shouldn't make the crossing, and this study of nostrils is one of them. Just like the first in this series, Taro Gomi's Everyone Poops (Kane/Miller, 1993), the pictures are dull, the text is stilted, and the value is nill. Does anyone really care if, when they get older, their nostrils will be bigger? Or, that, according to one young boy with a dripping nose, ``Wed the holes in my dose are sdubbed ub, I candt sbell id eved wed I fart.''? (This is accompanied by ``BRRRROMMMM!'' printed next to the subject's rear end.) In fact, runny noses are pictured on several pages; the monotony is broken by depictions of bleeding noses, one caused by ``pick(ing) it too roughly.'' Other bits of wisdom are also included, such as ``If you fill up the holes in your nose with morning glory seeds, the seeds will swell up and begin to sprout. Your nose will hurt a lot.'' Not worth anyone's time or money.-Denise L. Moll, Lone Pine Elementary School, West Bloomfield, MI

my nose is a gherkin pickle gone wrongTitle: My Nose Is a Gherkin Pickle Gone Wrong
Marilyn Gear Pilling
General Distribution Services, Incorporated
Date Published:
August 1996
ISBN-13: 9780920953969


The Nose BookTitle: The Nose Book
Al Perkins,Roy McKie (Illustrator)
Random House Books for Young Readers
Date Published:
# June 2003
ISBN-13: 9780375824937
Synopsis For children ages 4 to 6. Noses are interesting and serve many purposes including the one of holding up glasses.

Reviews and Commentary From The Publisher: Like the parent Beginner Books, Bright & Early Books feature the same affordable hardcover format, imaginative stories, and colorful pictures. Geared for a younger audience, these books use simple words, repetition, and pictures that act as clues to the text. Contributors include Dr. Seuss ("Mr. Brown Can Moo!" "Can You?," "There's a Wocket in My Pocket!," "The Foot Book"), Stan and Jan Berenstain ("Inside, Outside, Upside Down; Bears on Wheels"), Al Perkins ("Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb") and Michael Frith ("I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words"). Preschool - Grade 1.

Search barnes noble barnes and noble nose nasal surgery surgeon rhinoplasty septoplasty septalplasty book books reading read browse look up book store.Title: Rhino
Shelia Solomon Klass
Date Published:
January 1996
Synopsis Annie hates her nose and decides that plastic surgery may be the answer.
Expert Commentary This Book was reviewed by: Ilene Cooper - BookList, Publisher's Weekly, The Horn Book, Inc., School Library Journal and Deborah Stevenson - Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

From Ilene Cooper - BookList: Annie, almost 15, has the classic Trevor nose. It looks okay on her father and her grandfather, but on Annie it looks too big for her face and has a big bump to boot. Teenage girls do obsess about their appearance, and Annie is no exception. But a bumpy nose does not a story make, so Klass adds a boyfriend with a drunken, belligerent father; a sister whose fiance won't marry her until they save enough for a house; and a grandfather desperately ill from asthma. The first-person voice sounds like many others, but the story's nose hook (no pun intended) and the eye-catching cover of Annie in full profile will attract readers. Whether they believe the fairy-tale ending--Grandfather gives Annie the money for her operation and deeds his house to her sister and fiance--is another question.

From Publisher's Weekly: Annie, almost 15, hates her nose, especially since a vindictive classmate has started calling her Bump. Despite assurances from her loving family and handsome boyfriend, the girl wants to get a nose job, her determination boosted by a dream starring an encouraging Barbra Streisand. But first Annie must convince her parents and grandfather (whose blessing is equally important) that she needs rhinoplasty--which, given the operation's substantial expense, requires Annie's utmost persistence and ingenuity. Klass ( Kool Ada ) handles the topic of self-acceptance with grace and humor, and through Annie's honest, present-tense narrative, she acknowledges the undue but keenly felt emphasis society places on physical appearance. The title lacks appeal, but anyone contemplating plastic surgery might be willing to overlook what is, after all, only a cosmetic flaw. Ages 10-up. (Nov.)

From The Horn Book, Inc.: Annie has the Trevor family nose; it's all she sees when she looks in the mirror, and she hates it, so she finally decides to have plastic surgery. The treatment of rhinoplasty is sensible and sensitively handled, yet realistic. Annie's determination makes her a laudable and attractive character in a fast-moving, contemporary, light romance.

From School Library Journal: Gr 6-9-Fifteen-year-old Annie Trevor, unhappy with her bump of a nose and tired of being teased, campaigns to have plastic surgery. Her mother is supportive, but her father and grandfather, from whom she has inherited her features, are against it. Such surgery is expensive, and the family has little money for luxuries. Annie is obsessed, and is determined to earn the money by working extra hours. She looses some of her enthusiasm after her grandfather collapses from emphysema. Also, her boyfriend has his own worries. His father, an abusive alcoholic, doesn't care whether his son, a high school senior, finishes school or not and believes that the boy's interest in photography makes him effeminate. Although Bob's situation is too easily resolved and Annie predictably gets the money for her operation, young teens will find the book appealing. Annie is a likable young woman whose concerns are understandable. Her family and their problems are genuine and the story, with its mix of personal growth and romance, is believable.-Jo-Anne Weinberg, Greenburgh Public Library, NY

search,barnes,noble,barnes and noble,cleft,lip,palate,face,deformity,disfigurement,difference,book,books,reading,read,browse,look up,book storesearch,barnes,noble,barnes and noble,cleft,lip,palate,face,deformity,disfigurement,difference,book,books,reading,read,browse,look up,book store

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