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Author:  Doug Dollemore  Mark Giuliucci

Publisher:  Rodale Press, Incorporated
Pub. Date: 
September 1994

Providing proven preventive and reversible age-fighting tips, this definitive guide to the art and science of staying young, created just for men, is a total strategy for long-distance youth that shows men how to take charge of the aging process. 50 illustrations.

Search barnes and noble plastic cosmetic surgery. Look up surgeon anesthesia pain book reading books read browse book store.Title:    Beautiful Again: Restoring Your Image & Enhancing Body Changes
 Jan Willis,Denise Anderson (Editor)
 Health Press
Date Published:
 July 1994
ISBN-13: 9780929173139

Expert Commentary

From Library Journal:

Many illnesses and medical treatments have a negative impact on a person's appearance. Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy; cortisone causes puffiness; accidents and surgery leave visible scars or require appliances. Willis, a Certified Paramedical Camouflage Advisor who consults at the Cleveland Clinic's Cosmetic Center, presents ideas for minimizing these problems, noting that an improved appearance can boost self - esteem and benefit the patient's health. Willis's suggestions include special products such as clothing designed for people who use wheelchairs and camouflage makeup. She also tells how to use ordinary clothing and accessories to enhance appearance and disguise flaws. A list of resources is appended. Thorough and concise, this is an excellent treatment of a subject rarely discussed. Highly recommended.-- Susan B. Hag loch, Tuscarawas Cty. P.L., New Philadelphia, Ohio

From The Reader's Catalog:  

Addresses the effects of chemotherapy, burns, and long-term illnesses

Search barnes and noble plastic cosmetic surgery. Look up surgeon anesthesia pain book reading books read browse book store.Title:  Face-Changers

Author:  Thomas Perry

Publisher:  Random House, Incorporated

Date Published:  August 01, 2009

From The Publisher:

The courageous and ingenious Jane Whitefield has worked as a "guide" for over a decade, helping people in danger disappear. Now she has promised her new husband, Dr. Carey McKinnon, that she will never work again. But then Carey's mentor, a famous plastic surgeon, seeks him out, desperate and pursued, wounded and wanted for murder. Carey asks Jane to perform her dangerous magic one last time. But as Jane tries to save her husband's friend, she uncovers the perverse activities of the Face Changers: Using Jane Whitefield's name, reputation and techniques, they are destroying human lives rather than saving them.

This Book was reviewed by: Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus and The Publisher

From Publisher's Weekly:

Jane Whitefield, last seen in Perry's "Shadow Woman", is an alluring operative of Indian heritage who helps people disappear. It is an arcane pursuit, involving myriad skills and constant vigilance. In fact, when Jane gets married to surgeon Carey McKinnon, she hopes to give it up and lead a normal life. Unfortunately, McKinnon's mentor, plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Dahlman, who is accused of murdering his assistant and has been shot and wounded by police pursuers, is in urgent need of her services; and since McKinnon is convinced he is innocent, Jane agrees to employ her expertise one more time. Thus begins Perry's latest, which soon begets layer upon layer of deception and intrigue. It seems that Dahlman himself, with a series of operations, had helped someone attain a new identity, and that he is being pursued not by the police but by men intent on killing him for what he knows. But who are they? Re-establishing some of her old creepy contacts, Jane becomes convinced the villains are in the business of frightening people into believing they are in danger, then collecting vast sums to help them vanish. And now that the FBI is after Jane for Dahlman's escape, she is beleaguered on two fronts. This is really a prolonged chase novel, enlivened by some smooth action writing and a remarkable mastery of escape techniques one would hate to be a debt collector in search of the author. It does seem in the end, however, an overly complex structure that obliges a reader to put up with long passages filled with nothing but the minutiae of pursuit and paranoia. The effect is somewhat claustrophobic, and Jane, for all her toughness and smarts, is not a particularly enlivening companion.

From Library Journal:

Perry ("Shadow Woman", LJ 5/1/97) has been writing great books for years and with his Jane Whitefield series has hit his stride. In this fourth title, Jane is asked by her surgeon husband to help his old mentor, Dr. Richard Dahlman, who has been accused of murdering his research partner. In her attempts to keep Dahlman out of the hands of the law and far away from the two men who want to kill him, she finds that someone is using her name to make people disappear permanently, and Dahlman has gotten caught in the backlash. In her quiet and resourceful manner, Jane goes about hiding the doctor, keeping her husband safe, and finding the vicious killers responsible for a number of murders. The plot is full of heart-stopping suspense, Native American lore, and engaging characters, but the real pull is how Jane will surmount adversity and still keep her honor and ethics intact. For all fiction collections. Jo Ann Vicarel, Cleveland Heights-University Heights P.L., OH

From Kirkus:

Dr. Carey McKinnon, the risk-aversive bridegroom who'd made Jane Whitefield promise to stop the hazardous career of helping people vanish ("Shadow Woman", 1997, etc.) now begs her to take his old mentor on the lam--plunging her into her most convoluted, if not exactly her most involving, caper. The police in two states don't have any doubts that eminent surgeon Dr. Richard Dahlmann murdered his equally eminent colleague, Dr. Sarah Hoffman--which is exactly why he needs to go underground, Carey tells Jane, while the case sorts itself out. But no sooner has Jane spirited Dahlmann out of the hospital where a police-pursuit bullet landed him--no mean feat, especially considering his weakened condition and the security cordon thrown around him--than she realizes that Dahlmann is just whistling in the dark in waiting for the cops to suddenly come to their senses. He's in a frame tight enough to cause serious weight loss--a frame that can only be the work of professionals (presumably the two armed men she passed on their way to Dahlmann's hospital bed) as good at their jobs as Jane is at hers. Why has Dahlmann been the target of such an elaborate campaign? The answer leads Jane not only to a series of three earlier murders nobody had even suspected, but to a ring of "face-changers''--people who, like Jane herself, are dedicated to helping people vanish, though they're a lot less scrupulous about their motives and tactics and selection of clients. In order to vindicate Dahlmann (and get guileless Carey off an impending charge of accessory to murder for helping him escape), Jane will have to stop her furious crisscrossing of the 48 states long enough to unmask the copycats, get evidence of their criminal complicity, and stay one step ahead of her hundreds of pursuers. If this all sounds suspenseful, it is. But it's also tangled, unevenly paced (though endlessly inventive), and ultimately as exhausting for Perry's loyal fans as for his resourceful, long-suffering heroine.

Search barnes and noble plastic cosmetic surgery. Look up surgeon anesthesia pain book reading books read browse book store.Title: Michelangelo's Nose
Author:  Paul Barolsky
 Pennsylvania State University Press
Date Published:
January 2007
ISBN-13: 9780271032726


Search barnes and noble plastic cosmetic surgery. Look up surgeon anesthesia pain book reading books read browse book store.Title: Eye of the Beholder: Deformity & Disability in the Graeco-Roman World
Author:  Robert Garland
 Cornell U
Date Published:
 March 1995
ISBN-13: 9780801431449


Search barnes and noble plastic cosmetic surgery. Look up surgeon anesthesia pain book reading books read browse book store.Title: Now They Lay Me Down to Sleep: What You Don't Know about Anesthesia & Surgery May Harm You
Author:  F. W. Ernest,Frederick W. Ernst
 F W Ernst
Date Published:
  July 1996
ISBN-13: 9780965145404


making the body beautifulTitle: Making the Body Beautiful: A Cultural History of Aesthetic Surgery

Author: Sander L. Gilman
Format: Hardcover, 544pp.
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Pub. Date: October 2000
ISBN-13: 9780691070537

Synopsis: Touching on subjects as diverse as getting a nose job as a "sweet 16" birthday present and the removal of male breasts in seventh century Alexandria, Gilman addresses how humans have sought to change their lives by transforming their bodies. 95 halftones.

going under anesthesiaTitle: Going under; Preparing Yourself for Anesthesia; Your Guide to Pain Control and Healing Technique

Author:  Monica Winefryck Furlong,Elliot T. Essman
Publisher:  Autonomy Publishing Corporation
Date Published:  # August 1995
ISBN-13: 9780963645166


Search barnes and noble plastic cosmetic surgery. Look up surgeon anesthesia pain book reading books read browse book store.Search barnes and noble plastic cosmetic surgery. Look up surgeon anesthesia pain book reading books read browse book store.

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