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Rhinoplasty nasal surgery of the nose

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Nasal Obstruction
Nonsurgical Treatment The nose is a passageway for air into your lungs and through tiny openings into your sinuses. If the nasal passageways are bent and deformed, air does not get through. Surgery is indicated for nasal obstruction of a mechanical nature. Environmental allergies however can cause nasal linings to swell (allergic rhinitis). If you have a marginal airway, even a slight amount of swelling can be too much and close off your nose or sinus openings. Not all nasal and sinus obstruction have mechanical causes. If your problems are environmental, medical treatment is the way to start. Dr. Bermant asks all of his nasal obstruction patients extensive questions just to find out this information. After learning this history, a thorough examination will help determine recommended treatment.

Inclusion does not mean endorsement by Dr. Bermant.

Actifed Cold and Allergy Medicine Antihistamine / Nasal Decongestant

Werner Lambert's site describing this decongestant.

nasal strips for nasal obstructionBreathe Right® nasal strips

Site featuring those nasal strips seen on many athlete's noses. Interesting information about nasal obstruction and snoring. If these strips help your breathing, you may have a problem with your internal nasal valve or other cause of mechanical obstruction. Have your nasal obstruction evaluated by your nasal surgeon.

Nosovent "Anti-Snoring Device"

Piece of plastic that company claims to push nose open from inside. If this plastic can help your breathing you may have a mechanical obstruction from the septum or internal nasal valves that can be treated with surgery. Many with nasal obstruction have an environmental component. This plastic piece may increase the irritation of such problems.

AllerDays Allergy Resource Center

Here you can take a break from the dusty, pollen-infested world and learn to live a better life with allergies. Extensive coverage on general allergies. Nice site by Hoechst Marion Roussel a drug manufacturer.

Flonase (fluticasone propionate) -

Prescription nasal spray for allergies. Allergy information and links to GlaxoWellcome

Weather map of USA

Look up the weather forecast for your region.

Allergy, Cold, Cough, Sinus

Warner Lambert's site discussing their allergy, cold, cough, and sinus medications. Slow to load.


Although an advertisement for Claritin, nice basic information about allergic rhinitis, links to gardening tips, pollen report etc.

Nasalcrom - Cromolyn Sodium decongestant



Rhinoplasty Nasal Surgery Important Information

Learn more about rhinoplasty surgery of the nose

Open Rhinoplasty - Photographic details during surgery of the Black nose (warning graphic pictures).

Open Rhinoplasty - Pictures of dorsal and tip sculpture during surgery (warning graphic photographs)

Patient Pictures before and after surgery

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Nasal Obstruction Septoplasty and Other Nose Discussion Groups, Forum, and Chat

rhinoplasty before nose job before before rhinoplasty nose rhinoplasty before septorhinoplasty before rhinoplasty before before rhinoplasty and septoplasty before septorhinoplasty
rhinoplasty after nose job after after rhinoplasty nose rhinoplasty after septorhinoplasty after rhinoplasty after after rhinoplasty and septoplasty after septoplasty - rhinoplasty
nose job before rhinoplasty before rhinoplasty female before before rhinoplasty rhinoplasty before before rhinoplasty before rhinoplasty
nose job after rhinoplasty after rhinoplasty female after after rhinoplasty rhinoplasty after after rhinoplasty after rhinoplasty



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