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The Pathology Guy My friend from medical school.

Body Language International Read all about Cosmetic Surgery in Body Language Magazine from the UK. The Body Language International web site provides summaries and introductions of articles and news as they appear in Body Language International magazine. The full-length articles and accompanying pictures can be read by subscribing to Body Language International.

Discover Health and Wealth Find holistic health information. Explore this site for resources that will help you achieve the good health you deserve. Find ways for you to increase and retain your wealth.

RK Bodies - Rob Kreider bodybuilding, personal training, fitness, and nutrition for both women and men.

Tumescent Liposuction learn about this technique used to minimize bruising during plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Entertainment Industries Online E-Zine Reviews and links for the entertainment industry. You can subscribe to their magazine.

Georgia Plastic Surgery of Atlanta - Details and information about Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg and the cosmetic surgery he offers patients in the Metro Atlanta area..

1UpHealth - Encyclopedic resource about health with patient guides and resources for the symptoms, diagnosis, complications, prevention, and treatment of medical conditions arranged alphabetically or by type.

Health Directory - Directory of health related web sites organized by disease category.

SHG Resources - Your Guide to US States - Profiles resources and data, sorted by topics and US states such as agencies, colleges, education, economy, government, history, media, symbols, statistics, facts, and figures.

Large Medical Site with databases, news, chat, forums, multimedia, and more.

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