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Outdoor sun protection, sun protective clothing, hats, shirts,sun clothing, swimwear to minimize skin cancer. Surgical Craftsmanship Mimimize skin cancer with sun prtotective clothing, hats, umbrellas, outdoor shirts for sun protection. Your Special Needs Skin cancer and basal cell cancer, sportswear for sun protection and UV protection. Hats for sun protection. Individualized Education Skin cancer sun protection and sun protective clothing, hats, shirts, and sun clothing. Tender Care plastic surgeon and outdoor sun protective clothing Personalized Service skin cancer and basal cell cancer Become Comfortable Reconstructive Surgery for basal cell cancer, skin cancer, UVB sun protection

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Damage from Tanning

Getting a tan is really not a good idea. Tanning exposes you to skin damage, cancer, and aging. The thinning ozone layer puts you at increased risk. There is an epidemic of Melanoma with increasing numbers of patients diagnosed with this cancer.

Any tan is bad - the tan IS skin damage.

Plastic surgery can help treat skin cancers and restore a more youthful look, but prevention is better.

Scars during healing need sun protection.
During the "red" phase, a tan acquired may not fade like surrounding skin. This can leave a permanent dark scar.

Defense against the sun can take the form of avoidance, topical sunscreens, and special sun protective clothing.

(Listing of products or sites does not constitute endorsement by Dr. Bermant.)

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Dangers of the Sun on the Internet

American Sun Protection Association - ASPA
Nonprofit organization dedicated to the sun screening industry.

APRANSA - UV Testing
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency criteria for Ultra Violet Protection Factor (UVPF) testing.

An Introduction to Skin Cancer
Introduction to skin cancer - part advertisement for card that is supposed to show you how much UV exposure. Has some interesting basic information about sun exposure and skin cancer.

Cool Nurse - Sun Tanning
Good information and detail about tans and tanning.

EPA Ozone Depletion
Discusses ozone depletion, UV index, and other resources relevant to sun protection.

Living Well Under the Sun
Freon Arizona, living under the sun - the need for sun shielding.

National UV Map

Standard Guide for Labeling of UV-Protective Textiles
American Society of Testing and Materials

Sun Protection for Children
from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Sun Safety (link opens document)
Sun exposure and UV protection from the American Medical Association

Suntan Products, Sunscreens, and Tanning
Information from the US FDA

Ultraviolet Index
from the United States EPA

Describes a card for monitoring UV exposure.

UVB Impacts Reporter
Includes The Psychology of Sun Shieliding

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Sun Protective Clothing

Warning! Short sleeve shirts, shorts, and swimwear that do not cover the arms and legs do not protect from the sun as much as clothing that covers these important parts of the body.

Alex and Me
Sun protecting clothing and swimwear for children and infants.

Barrington Brolly 1-877-PARASOL
Handmade sun protective Parasols and Umbrellas of Solarweave fabric.

By BodyGuard
Sun shielding swimwear, shirts,rain gear, and hats.

Sun protecting shirts

Sun safety clothing, hats, and swimwear.

Exceed Safety - The Flap
Detachable sun shielding for the neck.

L'Oreal - Sun Protection
Read about radiation, defenses, skin types, and solutions.

Sun protective clothing water and board wear.

NoZone UV Protection Funwear
High UV protective clothing for children.

Outback Hats
Sun shielding from AZ USA.

Outdoor Research
Clothing catalog has sun protective clothing, hats, and other items.

UV protective hats, Bozeman, MT

P.O.P Hats
Solar protective hats and accessories.

Run for Cover
Sun Shack portable shelter.

Sara's Parasols - sunlight protection parasols for ladies.

Seriously Shady 1-800-86-SHADY
UV protective hats. caps. clothing, and all season sun protection products. Links to other sites.

The Shady Sun - 1-866-55Shady UV Swimwear Protection, swim clothing Laboratory tested, for 98-100% UV Maximum Protection.

Skin Savers
Sun protecting umbrellas, hats, clothing, and shelters. Ultraviolet detecting beads may be an interesting educational tool.

Simms Fishing
Solar protecting fishing cap

Solar Eclipse Sun Protective Clothing
Solar protecting clothing and accessories for adults and children.

Solartex Sun Gear 1-877-4SOLRTX
UV sunlight protective clothing, swimwear and hats for babies, children and adults.

Solar Veil
Sun shielding clothing using special fabric that protects and keeps you cool.

Solar Protective Fabric

Solar Zone 1-250- 655- 8907
UV sun protecting clothing, swim suits, hats, and eye protection for kids and adults. Made from Solarweave fabric.

SplashSkins 1-866-947-SWIM
UV Protective Swimwear for children with style.

Sunbarrier 1-800-679-7792
UV Protective Clothing, Garments, Hats & Fabric.

Sun Chasers
UV shielidng SunShirts and Swimwear

Sun Clothing Etc.
Sun safety clothing

Sunscreens SPF25, hats, and chair covers.

Sun Protective Clothing

Sun Precautions - Solumbra
Sun protective clothing manufacturer. Tight weave fabric and special designs to minimize sun exposure. Nice extensive catalog and 1-800 number. We have some samples from this company to show our patients in our office.

Sun Protection Clothing, Inc.
Solar protective clothing, sun protection swimwear, UV hats, SPF shirts, parasols, sunblock and sunscreen products.

Sun Protection Shop
Sun protective lotions, potions, and sun protective hats. Some information about skin cancer.

Sun Protective Clothing
Children's Wear, Dresses, Hats, Jackets, Pants, Shirts, and Swim Wear. Located in Ontario Canada

Sun Proof Fashions
Sun protective clothing from Masque Rays from San Diego.

Swim sunsuits Australian made

Sun Solutions
Sun protective clothing for outdoor living, Massachusetts

Suzzette Exclusives
Unusual sun protective clothing, T-shirts, neckscarf, sleevegloves, windbreaker and more.

The Flap
Exceed Safety Product that adds neck shielding to a hat or helmet.

Triple J Sportswear
Manufacturer of sun protective clothing for men, women and children.

Ultimate Products
Solar protective headwear. Check out the hats.

Watership Trading Company, Inc 1-800-676-4305
Sun protecting hats



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